MI6 Confidential #9 – Bond Girls

It’s had a slight change of name, but MI6 Confidential #9 has just been released taking an in depth look at that all important element of the James Bond films, the Bond Girls. The latest edition of the magazine is packed with more than a dozen exclusive interviews and some rare photos of Bond girls.

As well as Bond girls the magazine also reports of Jeffery Deaver’s Dubai appearance for his forthcoming James Bond novel ‘Carte Blanche’, tracks down Jaws’ original steel teeth and talks to the desingers of the Activision’s recent game,  ‘Blood Stone’.

• Strawberry Fields Forever – Gemma Arterton on her role in Quantum of Solace

• Under My Skin – Shirley Eaton talks about her gilded days with 007

• Eva Green and Caterina Murino discuss playing the odds with a new James Bond

• Honor Blackman on the titillating character of Pussy Galore

• Lynn Holly-Johnson explains why she never got her ice cream

• The Knives Are Out – Die Another Day’s leading ladies on crossing swords on screen

• Caroline Bliss recalls stepping into Miss Moneypenny’s shoes

• Author Jeffery Deaver speaks exclusively to MI6 about Carte Blanche

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