Mathis to reappear in Bond 22

According to MI6 and other 007 news sites Giancarlo Giannini has confirmed to Italy’s Il Giornale that he is signed to return as Rene Mathis in Bond 22. The news lends more weight to the strong indications circulating since the London premier of Casino Royale that the new film will continue Casino Royale‘s storyline directly.

At the of Casino Royale, Mathis is being interrogated by MI6 after falling under suspicion of being a double agent. Although it is not clear at what stage the script is at, Giannini indicated in the interview that he will turn out to be on Bond’s side after all.

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2 Responses to “Mathis to reappear in Bond 22”

  • M

    A link to the article in Il Giornale is listed below:

    “I have already signed. And in the next episode my Mathis, who we’re not sure whether is good or bad in Casino Royale, because he seems to be assisting James Bond but in fact is an impediment, will have more definite characteristics”.
    From being the British contact in Montenegro to a wretched traitor?
    “The doubt will be solved next year: in fact 007’s boss, Judy Dench half dispelled it. Because when they carry me off after the stun gun in Casino Royale, M says that Mathis is not a spy”.
    I’ll be direct: will you be the villain or the hero?
    “The good guy, who, as happens in life, may be forced to stack the deck for the good of his Country when threatened by international terrorism”.
    1 Feb 07: Updated translation thanks to Miss Moneypenny.
  • Judi Dench

    I will retire now