Martin Campbell says Bond 26 is “a year or two away”

Casino Royale director talks to the Express about timelines and casting on Bond 26.

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Martin Campbell, the director of GoldenEye and Casino Royale, has discussed the timeline for the next 007 movie and the possibility of introducing a new actor to play the iconic role.

Campbell revealed that the next Bond film is still at least a year or two away, which fits in with what we at The James Bond Dossier have been saying for months now. He empathizes with the challenge of finding the next Bond due to the difficulty of maintaining the right tone for the character.

He praised Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Bond, describing it as internalized and gravitas-filled. In terms of rebooting Bond for a third time, Campbell admitted that he doesn’t know what he would do differently.

Source: Express

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6 Responses to “Martin Campbell says Bond 26 is “a year or two away””

  • Pasquale D'Alessio

    It’s over. If you have to wait this long for another film. Don’t bother.

  • David Smithe

    As loyal and true fans of the James Bond series, it’s what we do, we wait for the next movie. And we’re always full of anticipation, for what will be…

  • Peter J

    Pasqual- Relax sir. I believe we waited about 6 Long years between Roger and Dalton. So I think I can wait. And I’m fairly certain we don’t have much choice. That is why I rely on things like The Sandbaggers and Danger Man to fill the void. Hang in there. I have a rather Strong feeling it will be worth the wait.

  • David Leigh

    Moore to Dalton was 2 just years – 1985 to 1987. Maybe you’re thinking of Dalton to Brosnan – 1989 to 1995, a six year wait.

    That was in part because of a legal dispute between Eon’s parent, Danjaq, and MGM, after the latter were bought by Pathé.

  • Steve Barnett

    Same old barking going on.

    Many did not like the ending of the last and have got off the ride that is the ‘Bond-Bus’. True fans of the franchise shall continue to support it even if there are things they may not agree with.

    I for one am staying on the bus to see where it takes us next, and I know that I am joined by many fellow passengers.

    Two years or five years, whatever…. ‘Be a fan and support it’ or simply be quiet and just get off the bus

  • Jan Kees

    I stay in the bus if Bond will not be as woke as Bond 25 was.i’m still in shock and can not watch this movie for the 3rd time.