Limited edition On His Majesty’s Secret Service by Charlie Higson sells out in an hour

IFP seem to have missed a fundraising opportunity with a special limited edition of Charlie Higson’s adult Bond adventure.

Ian Fleming Publications (IFP) announced yesterday a special limited edition of Charlie Higson’s adult James Bond novel, On His Majesty’s Secret Service. This exclusive run of 200 signed paperback copies, featuring unique sprayed edges, was priced at just £10 each. The entire stock sold out within an hour, underscoring the enduring popularity of 007 among fans.

The new paperback edition is set to release on 6th June 2024 and both the standard edition and this limited edition include updated text and bonus content.

Bond’s mission before the coronation

Set on 4th May, just two days before the coronation of King Charles III, On His Majesty’s Secret Service places the world’s favourite spy against a new adversary: Æthelstan of Wessex. Bond is tasked with infiltrating Æthelstan’s private army to prevent his plan to disrupt the coronation and seize control of the United Kingdom. The high-stakes mission and the contemporary setting have been praised for breathing new life into the Bond franchise.

A missed opportunity?

The special edition’s rapid sell-out raises questions about the pricing strategy and its implications for fundraising. Priced at £10 in support of the National Literacy Trust, the books were significantly more affordable than typical limited edition 007 merchandise, often found on Eon Productions’ official store. The store is known for offering high-end, limited edition items at premium prices, sometimes running into thousands of pounds.

Given the limited availability and the high demand, many fans and critics argue that a higher price point could have generated more substantial funds for the National Literacy Trust. With Bond’s immense global following, there was a clear opportunity to leverage this special edition for greater charitable impact. Charging a premium price, in line with other exclusive Bond memorabilia, could have significantly increased the contribution to the charity.

Fan reactions and future releases

Despite the missed opportunity to raise more funds, the excitement surrounding the special edition highlights the strong connection between Bond fans and the literary roots of the franchise. Collectors and readers alike eagerly await future releases and announcements from IFP, hoping for more chances to own a piece of Bond history.

As the standard edition of On His Majesty’s Secret Service becomes widely available on 6th June 2024, fans who missed out on the special edition can still enjoy the revised text and bonus content. This release continues to support the National Literacy Trust, ensuring that Bond’s latest adventure also contributes to a worthy cause.

Looking ahead

The overwhelming response to the special edition of On His Majesty’s Secret Service underscores the continued popularity of James Bond and highlights a potential avenue for more impactful charitable fundraising. As the literary legacy of 007 continues to evolve, fans can look forward to more thrilling adventures and collectible opportunities that blend nostalgia with contemporary flair. By considering higher price points for future special editions, IFP could maximize the benefits for charitable causes, capitalizing on the strong demand from dedicated Bond enthusiasts.

The paperback edition of On His Majesty’s Secret Service is due to be published by Ian Fleming Publications on 6th June 2024. In the UK it is available to pre-order from Amazon.

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2 Responses to “Limited edition On His Majesty’s Secret Service by Charlie Higson sells out in an hour”

  • Andrew Boulton

    200 happy fans but countless others annoyed about the release time and numbers available meaning that the vast majority missed out. A strange idea. A thousand at twice the price would have made more money and would have perhaps allowed the fans not on their phones in the early afternoon the chance to own a copy. A mere £2000 made from this hardly seems worth the effort.

  • David Leigh

    Yes, a really weird decision.

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