Land Rover Defender to star in 2012’s new Bond film [Car Magazine Online]

A Land Rover Defender is set to feature in a chase sequence involving Naomie Harris, according to Skyfall co-producer Andrew Noakes, who is quoted in an article by Car Magazine Online.

‘We are really going to test that car,’ says Noakes, ‘do things to it it’s not normally designed for. Some of the stuff is so hairy and dangerous, we have to use a stuntman in a pod on the roof to do the driving. We’ve had to crank up the suspension, and the Defender is going to work very, very hard.’

Car Magazine goes on to remind us that a Landrover Defender also appeared in the pre-titles sequence for The Living Daylights, when it plunged off a rock face in Gibraltar and adds that a total of 70 cars are being provided by Jaguar-Land Rover. These include the Jaguar XJL and Range Rover Evoque seen on location in London as well as production support cars.

In addition to the cars provide by Jaguar-Land Rover, 007 will once again be behind the wheel of an Aston Martin DB5.

Read “Land Rover Defender to star in 2012’s new Bond film” at Car Magazine Online

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