John Logan talks to Empire about Skyfall and Bond 24


The latest issue of Empire Magazine looks at the 301 greatest movies of all time, placing Skyfall in 45th place.

Empire spoke to John Logan about his involvement in the Bond films, describing Skyfall as “the best time I’ve ever had working on a movie” and saying that he had wanted to be true to Ian Fleming’s work.

He also attributed Skyfall‘s success to the filmmakers taking the characters, franchise and audience seriously and treated them with respect, although that now goes back to Casino Royale, and that Skyfall had heart and passion, which he plans taking forward with Bond 24.

Source: MI6

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2 Responses to “John Logan talks to Empire about Skyfall and Bond 24”

  • james carey-wilson

    I’m not a Daniel Craig fan, first of all. I did like Skyfall but NOT with Craig in it.
    He is a great actor BUT not as Bond.

  • Greg Mansfield

    Well, James, you’re entitled to your opinion, of course. But why don’t you make your post more interesting by sharing what it is you don’t like about Daniel Craig as Bond?

    Personally, I think he’s the best since Sean Connery … he gets the balance right between panache, toughness, wry humour and occasional vulnerability. And, he’s a physical actor … a strong dude who’s not afraid to get a few bruises along the way. What more could you ask for, except maybe some color to darken his blonde hair?