John Logan on Skyfall and Bond 24

John Logan recently spoke to the Financial Times, part of which mentions his involvement with Skyfall and writing the next two films. He says that he plans on building on his input in Skyfall in terms of the complexities of Bond’s character and praises Ian Fleming for having courage to show Bond’s vulnerability and depression.

I’m not really sure I’d describe Bond being depressed in the books, although his job certainly took its toll on him. And I also found the “complexity” of Bond rather superficial in Skyfall and lacking the kind of depth that I had expected.

So far it sounds like Logan’s Bond films are going to be far from business as usual for 007. I just hope that he can be sent on a mission despite his depression and get on with the job, without the interference of M, Q, Moneypenny or anyone else other than the villain.

Source: Financial Times

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