James Bond Producers Worried by Indefinite Delay [ABC News]

Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson are unhappy at MGM’s prospective buyers according to an article published on ABC News. It goes on to say:

Broccoli and Wilson also continue to push for Sony Pictures to be involved. The studio was behind the production, marketing and distribution of 2008’s “Quantum of Solace.”

The report suggests they believe that a 5 or 6 year delay may mean the end of James Bond, although not everyone agrees with this assessment.

Read “James Bond Producers Worried by Indefinite Delay” at ABC News

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3 Responses to “James Bond Producers Worried by Indefinite Delay [ABC News]”

  • Diane Cook

    The really wonderful thing about James Bond films is their tenacity, ability to survive and succeed much like our hero itself. Bond has withstood the test of time, relevance and changing viewpoints. It has and will continue into infinity perhaps. No generation will ever tire of him saving the world because we always will need someone to save us, even if only fictionally. Come on 007, get yourself out of this one and get on with your job!

  • Andrew Rogers

    Well a Five or Six Year Delay No way Comon Barbara Brocolli and Michael Wilson dont wait for MGM and Lions Gate to get their act together Dump them and move to another Studio otherwise like in 1995 with Tim Dalton in the middle of that 6 year break from movies he pulled the pug and we dont want that to be the way Daniel Craig leaves the series. I am sure i speak for most Bond Fans we want to see more of Craig in the role.

  • Alan Porter

    as a bond fan for many many years a long break will make no differance to true BOND fans