Icahn steps up fight for control of MGM [Reuters]

Carl Icahn just doesnt seem to know when to call it a day, but then, perhaps that’s why he’s worth billions. According to an article published by Reuters yesterday:

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn stepped up his fight for control of film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc on Thursday, offering to buy senior debt from creditors willing to vote down the company’s proposed deal with Spyglass Entertainment.

Time is running out for him though and the Spyglass deal is close to going through. The sooner that deal happens the more likely it is that Bond 23 restarts pre-production with shooting to start next year.

It’s nearly two years since Quantum of Solace hit the big screen; we still have two more to wait if things go as planned for MGM from this point on.

Read “Icahn steps up fight for control of MGM” at Reuters

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One Response to “Icahn steps up fight for control of MGM [Reuters]”

  • templar saint

    The sooner the better…..we are close to loosing a half a generation who’s attention span is not all that long as it is. M is not getting any younger as well.

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