Grave news at Skyfall Lodge [The Foraging Photographer]

Photography blog The Foraging Photographer has posted an update today with photos from the set at Hankley Common. The manor house, which we’ve sometimes referred to as a monastery in previous reports, is almost complete and filming is expected to take place tomorrow. According to The Foraging Photographer:

Last day of construction today before filming begins tomorrow, so I thought I’d take a last scout around the site before access is restricted. The lodge is pretty much finished now, and the attention to detail is staggering – I love this shot of the grass sprouting from the guttering. They’ve been cutting turves of heather from elsewhere on the common, and using them alter the site; blocking off a track that merges with the ‘driveway’ the aston martin is going to drive down, for instance. Today there were  guys laying them at the base of the lodge, to help blend the lines, so to speak. They’re building a couple of low walls at the front of the lodge, which they hadn’t even started yesterday, and it was all hands on deck for that. Lots of people scattering fake snow around the place too; my daughter and her friend got to help with that, much to their delight.

The link below may contain spoilers:

Read “Grave news at Skyfall Lodge” at The Foraging Photographer

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