First ‘Trigger Mortis’ reviews overwhelmingly positive

Although I’ve been promised a review copy of Trigger Mortis, it still hasn’t arrived, no doubt stuck somewhere between a London post office and the Spanish postal service. However, a couple of early reviews of the latest Bond continuation novel suggest we’re in for a treat with Anthony Horowitz’s book, which you can buy from Amazon UK or

Trigger Mortis - US and UK covers

The first review to be published was in The Independent, who jumped the gun a bit on 20th August. While concluding that Anthony Horowitz doesn’t write Bond as well as Ian Fleming, it says:

this is nevertheless a clever and enjoyable pastiche, which manages to press many of the buttons that were the purview of 007’s creator. While Deaver’s Bond outing did not have aficionados eager for him to chronicle further adventures, there will surely be an appetite for more outings à la Horowitz.

The reviewer also remarks:

this is the first book to deal with what happens to all those Bond girls after the final clinch.

Then what about at the start of From Russia, With Love then, when we learn that Tiffany Case had been living with Bond after the events in Diamonds Are Forever? By the time of the latter book we learn that she had left Bond for a fellow American.

And in a review published on Saturday the Financial Times raves about the book, saying:

Anthony Horowitz has written a humdinger of a Bond story, so cunningly crafted and thrillingly paced that 007’s creator would have been happy to have owned it.

Also, in a straight talking interview with the Daily Mail, Anthony Horrowitz says that while he likes Daniel Craig as Bond and loved Casino Royale, he didn’t like either Quantum of Solace or Skyfall and holds out little hope for SPECTRE , mainly as he is not interested James Bond’s past. Perhaps because it is an interview the article is may be biased, but it is overwhelmingly positive about the book saying:

Somehow he has kept the flavour of Fleming while giving Trigger Mortis the pace of a modern thriller.

You can pre-order Trigger Mortis online from Amazon UK and

David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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