First reviews for SPECTRE

Last night saw the first public screening of SPECTRE at the Odeon Leicester Square. Although The James Bond Dossier was not lucky enough to be invited to the screening, here we’ve rounded up a number of reviews.



The first review is by our friends at MI6. I’ve read it in full and it contains no plot spoilers. However, if you want to know absolutely nothing at all about SPECTRE, don’t read it. In summary, it concludes that SPECTRE is more cohesive than Skyfall and that Daniel Craig is completely in his element as 007.

SPECTRE review on MI6

Unread reviews

I’m also trying to avoid plot spoilers ahead of the première on Monday night, so note that the reviews below have not been read in full. If you’re happy to risk reading spoilers go ahead, otherwise see the film anyway.

Let’s face it, you’re not going to miss SPECTRE, so it makes no difference whether you read a positive review or not, does it?

Possible spoiler: click here to reveal

One thing I was glad to read following the press screening is that the gunbarrel sequence returns to the start of the film for the first time in the Daniel Craig era. That, as far as I am concerned, is great news and I can’t wait to see it.

The Telegraph

“pure flamboyance from Sam Mendes” with “hold-your-breath action and ghosts of 007 past”. Click to read


“as good as Bond gets, but it struggles in its later stages as it tries to have things both way”. Click to read


At the press screening “tonight there were cheers and claps for a film that is Bond through and through”. Click to read

Hollywood News

“Sam Mendes makes it two in a row – it’s really, really good”. Click to read

Herald Scotsman

“director Sam Mendes has delivered an exhilarating Bond for these post-Snowden times”. Click to read

The Guardian

“this inventive, intelligent and complex new outing showcases him brilliantly”. Click to read

Evening Standard

SPECTRE “creates a perfect combination of old and new”. Click to read

The Sun

“stylish, witty and carries on the class that Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes started with the previous instalment”. Click to read

The Mirror

“one of the most thrilling films of any of the James Bond classics”. Click to read


“this sleek Bond outing gets back to business without breaking a sweat”. Click to read

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One Response to “First reviews for SPECTRE”

  • Andrew Czarn

    I had a suspicion that Spectre was going to live up to what the public expected after the phenomenal success of Skyfall. It appears my educated guess is thus proving to be upheld. Thus, I relish the opportunity to see it once it is released in Australia.