EON Productions looking to sign writers for next two movies

According to an article in Variety (Savvy lawyers rock the biz), EON Productions is already working on signing writers for Bond 24 and Bond 25, which may tie in with Sony Pictures desire to release new films every two years from now on.

The article takes a look at “50 attorneys whose recent deals and court battles have changed the shape of entertainment”, including Kevin Marks, a partner at Gang, Tyre, Ramer & Brown. According to Variety:

In representing the Broccoli family, which co-owns the James Bond movie franchise with MGM, Marks has been kept busy working on all the above-the-line deals for the upcoming “Skyfall” and setting up writing deals for the next two Bond pics. He notes that Bond’s long track record as a major performer in international markets has enhanced the films’ value as the overseas box office boom continues.

While that doesn’t say that writers have been signed yet, it does imply that EON is now looking much further ahead than the release of Skyfall, and marks a change from their current M.O. of dealing with one film at a time. By signing up writers early they will have a good chance to produce a worthwhile script, which has long been one of the weaknesses of the series.

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    Ahhhhhhhhh! I already can’t wait