Eon confirms plans for Bond 24 in Austria at meeting with local residents

Earlier this week Austrian press revealed that Eon representatives took the unusual step of discussing their plans with local residents and the expected impact on Obertilliach.


It has known for a while now that preparations have been taking place in the Austrian village of Obertilliach to prepare for shooting next year, but following a meeting in which the mayor of the village and Eon productions discussed plans to shoot Bond 24 with 100 locals some details are now a little more solid.

Rather than go to the original Austrian sources you can read an English translation what was said at the link at the bottom of the page. However, highlights are listed below:

Possible spoiler: click here to reveal

  • Three locations will be used: the piste, the forest and the “Bond house”, specially built for the film.
  • The crew will be 300 strong, swelling the village considerable from 700 residents, and located across 27 hotels in the area.
  • Helicopters and planes will be used for aerial shots.
  • The locals will be offered tours of the locations, hoping for understanding from locals.
  • Film makers promise to return the village to its original condition, allaying fears it will be changed in some way.
  • Services and rented properties are to be fairly remunerated.
  • Some locals fear winter business will be ruined because of filming (I’d have thought the opposite – it could be a boost to tourist numbers).
  • The mayor reiterated that it was an opportunity to put the town on the tourist map, but not at any cost.
  • With a dusting of snow already, the village already has several large tents and containers at the entrance to the village and security is tight.
  • Several crew members were due to arrive on 24th November but delayed due to weather.
  • Other sources also confirm shooting will take place at the glacier at Sölden.

I can understand the trepidation felt by many villagers as it will change the winter routine dramatically for the next ski season. What is sure is that the village will become a destination for Bond fans from around the world.

Source: The Bond Bulletin


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