Did Danny Boyle quit Bond 25 after producers insisted on new writer?

Baz Bamigboye says Boyle quit after Eon wanted another writer to work on John Hodge’s script.

Ever since the James Bond producers announced that Danny Boyle had left Bond 25, the UK media has been in overdrive speculating what happened.

Both the quality media and the tabloids have reported such things as Boyle wanted to kill Bond off or Boyle didn’t want to kill Bond off; that Bond would regenerate as a new actor, a la Dr Who; that Boyle wanted to make Bond too PC… The list goes on.

None of these stories passed the BS filter with even a fraction of a second’s consideration.

However, Baz Bamigboye has an interesting take on why Danny Boyle quit Bond 25 that finally sounds real.

Writing in The Daily Mail, he had this to say:

There’s a lot of pressure on the producers of James Bond 25 to find a filmmaker to take over from Danny Boyle, who quit when Daniel Craig and fellow producers insisted on replacing screenwriter John Hodge.

Several studio sound-stages were booked for the picture. Problem is: do they hang on to them, or give them up?

Tense situation behind the scenes, finding a director prepared to be ruled over by Mr Craig.

This story is credible for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, Bamigboye has a history of getting stories on Bond films right. He seems to have the right connections and scored a number of scoops.

Secondly, the story is simple and sounds credible. Boyle signed up for Bond 25 on condition John Hodge’s story was used. It makes sense that he might quit if Eon Productions wanted another writer on board.

While Bamigboye does contradict some elements of this report, he confirms sound stages have already been booked and the film may still go ahead as planned.

As usual with these things, only time will tell.

Source: Daily Mail

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2 Responses to “Did Danny Boyle quit Bond 25 after producers insisted on new writer?”

  • Roger Ferreira

    Daniel has the experience to direct his next project, don’t you agree?

  • David Leigh

    A Bond film is far too big to direct and star IMHO.