Dennis Gassner confirms Bond 25 return

Dennis Gassner confirmed as Bond 25 production designer.

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In an article on the look of Blade Runner 2049, International Cinematographers Guild Magazine spoke to cinematographer Roger Deakin and production designer Dennis Gassner. Talking about various aspects of shooting the movie, directed by Bond contender Denis Villeneuve, Gassner says:

I’m about to do my fourth James Bond film, and acknowledging the efforts of Ken Adam and others is a big part. But we still need to make it new for ourselves…

Gassner was brought in to work as production designer on Quantum of Solace (2008) by Marc Forster, taking over from Peter Lamont. After working as a draftsman on Goldfinger (1965), Lamont worked on a total of 18 Bond films as a set decorator, art director and, with For Your Eyes Only (1981), production designer. His final film was Casino Royale (2006).

After in Quantum of Solace, Gassner worked on both Skyfall (2012) and SPECTRE (2015). Nominated for the Oscar for best production design five times, he won the award once for his work on Bugsy (1991).

Source: International Cinematographers Guild Magazine

Edit: updated to correct and clarify how Gassner took over from Peter Lamont.

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