Daniel Craig to shoot Knives Out for Rian Johnson in November

Announcement of new Daniel Craig film suggests Bond 25 could be delayed.

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Daniel Craig is due to shoot a film in November, leading some to speculate Bond 25 has now been delayed.

Knives Out is a murder mystery in the same vein as Agatha Christie. The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson is writer, director and co-producer with Ram Bergman.

The announcement was a surprise to potential distributors. They were sent a copy of the script this week, ahead of the Toronto International Film Festival.

So what does Daniel Craig’s involvement the a film mean? Bond 25 was slated to start shooting on 3rd December.

As a low budget indie film, shooting on Knives Out may be over in a matter of weeks. In that case it may mean nothing, although if Craig is a co-producer on Bond 25 it becomes more surprising.

That isn’t confirmed and in that case surely he would focus all his time and energy there immediately prior to shooting. But according to Deadline Hollywood:

Boyle’s abrupt exit from Bond 25 gave Johnson and Bergman an opening to pursue Craig, if he was up for squeezing in a movie before returning to his 007 franchise. When Craig sparked to the script and signed on, a hot package came together, just in time for the Toronto market.

That suggests Bond 25 has been delayed. Now, it may not be a full twelve month delay, as has been widely reporting by the UK media.

But it wouldn’t be that surprising if shooting were bumped to early 2019 to give a new director to get his feet under the table and get to work on the new Bond film.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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