Daniel Craig: Bond 23 starts shooting next year

Daniel Craig has revealed that the filming of Bond 23 will start in 2010 in a video posted on YouTube.

Craig and Hugh Jackman were signing autographs at the stage door of A Steady Rain, which they are currently performing on Broadway, when a female fan asked Craig the question we’ve all been wanting to ask: “When’s the next James Bond film?”

Craig replied: “We start the end of next year, so… after that.”

David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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6 Responses to “Daniel Craig: Bond 23 starts shooting next year”

  • Jo

    Excellent news, pity they cannot be more frequent. Will it be based around some of Ian Flemming’s Graphic Novels I wonder

  • M

    I’m not sure what you’re referring to exactly about Ian Fleming’s graphic novels. If you mean the comic strips, they were all based on Fleming’s original novels and originally serialised in the Daily Express.

    However, all the original stories have been used in some way on other, so the new film will have to be original.

  • Lee

    The books have been used but not all titles – Property of a Lady for instance but this is a little dull, The Hildebrand Rarity and possibly the most usable – Risico although this formed a large part of the movie For your Eyes Only. As yet unused but a little uninspiring is the very short story – 007 in New York where he met a contact called Solange which you may remember was a name used in the movie Casino Royale. We shall see.

  • M

    Thanks for the comment Lee. You’re right about some titles remaining, but really only Risico appeals to me. Yes, the story has been used, but since when has that bothered Eon?

    Fleming mentions the name Solange twice – 007 in New York, as you say, and also at the beginning of From A View To A Kill, when he is sitting in Paris planning his evening. It was a nice touch to use the name in Casino Royale I thought – a very subtle nod to Fleming.

  • fahad shaikh

    Great i would love to see the new 23 bond espiscily with daniel craig staring in it but it should be like flemings novels but it should be good as casino royale and is also right about Fleming mentions the name Solange twice

  • Max Cameron

    I agree with you on Risico, but I also like The Hildebrand Rarity. I would love to see Canada included in a film as a major contributor. Fleming used Canada often, but the only mentions we get in the movies are the in Golden Eye (Navy Officer killed for his ID card) and the next Vesper in Quantum. Maybe an evil, mild-mannered mad man form the north :p.
    Heck, Even Raymond Benson used British Columbia in one of his novels…I do love the Devil May Care, too bad they killed off Mathis, that woul dhave been a great movie. November 2011 won’t come soon enough.