Daniel Craig appears in new Heineken ad [video]

I don’t know what you think about this but the tone of this Heineken is odd for me. It’s very tongue in cheek, recalling the Roger Moore era rather than Daniel Craig’s films. And the the appearance of some familiar looking action, props and characters from various eras make it rather a curious piece.

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3 Responses to “Daniel Craig appears in new Heineken ad [video]”

  • curtis

    I liked it. I think they are trying to appeal to a younger and maybe female audience with the humor but adds enough classic and insider references to strike a chord with the devoted viewer. You can’t hear the guitar rift and see Daniel Craig at the opening without being drawn in

  • Eoghan Lyng

    Like Dalton for Larks cigarettes, it seems Craig is more comfortable with the larger than life Bond for a commercial than for a plot.

    Bloody good ad!


    I think it’s an absolute disaster of an ad bordering on the absurd … with its unbelievable stunts and senseless display of the product! — Matts’

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