Comics writer Garth Ennis talks about James Bond 007: Your Cold, Cold Heart

The comic book writer unveils the world of Your Cold, Cold Heart.

Legendary comics writer, Garth Ennis, offers a fresh perspective on 007 in the upcoming series, James Bond 007: Your Cold, Cold Heart. In a conversation with Dynamite Entertainment, Ennis delves into his unexpected journey with Bond, revealing a shift in perception that transformed the iconic spy from parody material to a ruthlessly charming and deadly character.

Ennis, a Northern Ireland native, acknowledges the unique lens his Cold War-era upbringing provides. However, he dismisses the notion that geographical origin imbues any particular insight into Bond’s character. His focus shifts towards the essence of Bond as a ruthless, deadly operative concealed behind a thin veneer of charm—a perspective he finds intriguing and ripe for exploration.

The narrative unfolds with key characters like Bond, M, and Moneypenny, portrayed as highly capable British secret service agents united by training and dedication. Ennis challenges the stereotypical portrayal of Bond villains, steering away from the theatrical and outlandish, favouring a more grounded and realistic approach.

The plot introduces former double agent Archie Tryon, whose past actions set the stage for a gripping story. Tryon, now in his 80s, becomes a source of critical information for Bond, offering a unique perspective born out of a lifetime in the Secret Service. As the plot unravels, Bond discovers the far-reaching consequences of Tryon’s decades-long game.

Ennis’s approach to the art direction is collaborative, with artist Rapha Lobosco seamlessly integrating his vision into the narrative. The focus remains on storytelling, character depth, and effective visuals, elements that have consistently defined Ennis’s successful comic franchises.

The convergence of espionage and war genres is explored as Ennis draws distinctions between the popular perception of “guys on a mission” stories and the realities of espionage and warfare. He challenges the idea that individual heroics can significantly alter the course of history, emphasizing the broader impact of intelligence operations on historical events.

In essence, Your Cold, Cold Heart promises Bond fans a nuanced and captivating exploration of the iconic character. Ennis’s commitment to authenticity, coupled with a dynamic plot and skilled artwork, sets the stage for a compelling addition to the James Bond legacy, where the cold realities of espionage collide with the timeless allure of 007.

James Bond 007: Your Cold, Cold Heart is due to be published by Dynamite in January.

Thanks to Bill Koenig.

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