Christoph Waltz on location in London this weekend

SPECTRE news: London

This weekend once again saw cast and crew of SPECTRE take to the streets of London, with filming taking place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday filming took place near the Tate Gallery, while on Saturday and Sunday Sam Mendes called action on Vauxhall Bridge, near the real MI6 headquarters.

On Sunday Christoph Waltz was seen by bystanders as shooting continued on Vauxhall Bridge, which was closed to traffic. Reports and photos appeared on Twitter, such as the one below:

Waltz appeared to have reflective dots on his face, suggesting that the sequence will be heavy on special effects, and during filming helicopters circled overhead. Watch the video below for more:

And for a phot gallery on Flickr featuring dozens of photos of the SPECTRE crew on location in the capital click here.

The reflective dots are interesting, because normally I’ve seen them on a stuntman whose face is replaced with the actor he is playing in post production. An example is the rooftop motorbike chase in Skyfall, when Daniel Craig’s face was superimposed over that of the motorcycle stunt rider.

There may well be other reasons for doing this (I don’t know enough about it) but could Christph Waltz’s face be replaced on the film? Or is it so a scar or other feature can be added in post-production without him appear in public with such distinguishing make up?

Let me know by leaving a comment.

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