Bournemouth Daimler hearses used in new Bond film [Bournemouth Echo]

We recently reported on the location filming at Greenwich involving scenes that included a number of hearses, but the Bournemouth Echo has published a report today with some more details. Of the eight hearses used in filming, four of them were from Bournemouth. The paper quotes Roger Smith, who drove one of the cars used at Greenwich Old Naval College:

“I got there about 6.30am when it was still dark. They sent us to wardrobe and make-up. All 10 of us had to try and keep the gap right as we drove past Judi Dench and about 400 extras.”

He goes on to tell the paper that Daimler hearses are hard to come by these days as the company stopped producing cars in the UK over a decade ago, adding:

“They were the iconic British limousine, but there aren’t that many around. We’ve kept ours from when it was new in 1989.

“The annoying thing was that the directors didn’t seem aware of the protocol for English funerals. They wanted to do a Wootton Bassett-type scene, but had nobody walking in front to give the right speed.”

Read “Bournemouth Daimler hearses used in new Bond film” at Bournemouth Echo

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