Bond producers in talks to shoot Bond 24 car chase in Rome [UPDATED]


Photo: “Piazza Quattro Fontane 270deg Pano” by R Bitzer licenced under CC BY-SA 3.0

The president of Roma Lazio Film Commission has revealed to Italian media that the producers of Bond 24 are in talks for permission to shoot a key car chase in Rome. Luciano Sovena revealed that the chase would take place along Rome’s Via delle Quattro Fontane.


UPDATE: The film commission has recently been revived with Sovena as its head after a period of dormancy, the Italian expressing his excitement of the project while offering words of caution that reveal it is far from a done deal:

I hope that the City streamlines the procedures for the granting of permits, it would be a shame to miss this great opportunity because of the bureaucracy. “ 

This has echoes of India, which was scouted as for location work for Skyfall. After the Indian transport ministry refused to allow filming on its railway network because the producers wanted to show passengers sitting atop the trains the sequence instead transferred to Turkey, with the pre-title sequence shot in Istanbul and surrounding areas.

“Hosting the blockbuster 007 is part of the strategy of Lazio Film Commission to attract large foreign productions in the region”.

Local media is sceptical about this latter aim, noting that unlike other film commissions that fund national cinema, Lazio’s can count on just €300 thousand plus an expectation of receiving funds from the EU.

Source: Trovafilm (via Google Translate)

Note that stunt coordinator Gary Powell revealed on Instagram recently that he was visiting Morocco, Rome and Austria. However, as of this morning the photos relating to this have been removed. One photo showed an executive jet, with a second showing Alexander Witt  and Callum McDougall on board the jet. Another photo, showing the view from a dirt track blocked by cattle in what looks like Morocco, is still there.

Note also that Powell also seems to have visited Aston Martin in June. There is a strong reason to suspect we will see a car chase involving a new Aston Martin in Bond 24, whether in Rome or elsewhere, but after the disappointing car chase in Quantum of Solace a well executed car chase is long overdue.

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2 Responses to “Bond producers in talks to shoot Bond 24 car chase in Rome [UPDATED]”

  • Brian York

    QOS had a disappointing car chase? That’s certainly a matter of opinion. IMHO, that might be the second best 007 car chase in the series.

  • David Leigh

    Naturally it’s a matter of opinion.