Bond 24 villain to go “a different way”: could that mean Blofeld’s return?

John Travolta recently spoke about how he would love to play a Bond villain in an interview with the Telegraph, in which he reveals that he has spoken to Barbara Broccoli about the possibility and she “loves the idea”. However, that means nothing at all, it could easily be a brush off.

What is more interesting is that Travolta says that in Bond 24 they are “going a different way with their villain”. 

Could that means the return of Ernst Stavro Blofeld?

While I have my doubts about whether Blofeld will ever return, Danjaq/MGM cleared the way for his return following a settlement with the heirs of Kevin McClory that saw them gain the Thunderball rights at long last, so if they want to do it there is nothing to stop them at all.

Also, given that Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig looked at reintroducing some classic Bond moments in Skyfall it is safe to predict that we can expect more of the same in Bond 24. But is bringing back Blofeld a step too far?

Source: Telegraph

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One Response to “Bond 24 villain to go “a different way”: could that mean Blofeld’s return?”

  • newdeep

    blofeld, if he returns, hope they don’t mess up the continuity even more :-(

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