Bond 24: Rumoured details of Christoph Waltz role emerge

It was recently revealed that Austrian actor Christoph Waltz had a role in Bond 24, although it was not clear whether he had been signed as the villain or on the side of good.


Today’s Daily Mail provides more information on his role, stating that during the press conference planned for the first week of December to coincide with the start of filming, Waltz’s role would be revealed.

He will play a character called “Franz Oberhauser, son of the late Hans Oberhauser, a ski instructor who acted as a father figure to Bond.”

So far so good. If it does turn out to be the case then the script has raided Octopussy again for the characters and fits in with the Austrian snow scenes expected to be shot in January.

How much more of the Octopussy plot will be used is unknown if any, but the information fits.

However there is more, which you may not wish to know at the moment, although it is widely being discussed openly on forums as I write.

Click here to reveal spoiler below

The article goes on to say that sources believe this to be a double bluff and Franz Oberhauser will turn out to be none other than Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

This is entirely possible now that Eon owns the rights to the Blofeld character, but do they really want to use him again? And because of the snow scenes the film immediately sounds similar to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It is unlikely they would remake that film, but the comparisons are inevitable.

The article ends by saying that Michael G Wilson “last night declined to comment on the return of Blofeld. A spokeswoman for EON productions also declined to comment”, but that is no more than should be expected.

Something else notable about the story is that while it is in the Mail, which has a good record with Bond scoops via Baz Bamigboye, this story is not by him. Only time will tell how much of this story is true.

It it is true, does it mean that Waltz is signed for more than one film. And, if so, does it also meanm that Bond 25 WILL carry on from where Bond 24 leaves off?

Source: Daily Mail

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One Response to “Bond 24: Rumoured details of Christoph Waltz role emerge”

  • Javi Trujillo

    If the spoiler rumor is true, I think it could be pulled off well by those involved and I certainly have no objections to it. Spoilers and 007 can be a tricky thing. It was pretty well known by the time Skyfall reached cinemas that Eve was Moneypenny, and whilst I had avoided it by accident, the theatrical trailer ruins the twist of Janus in Goldeneye.