Bond 24 henchman signed according to Latino Review [Audio]

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Bond 24 has a villainous henchman, if a report by Latino Review is to be believed this morning.

Back in the summer it was revealed that filmmakers were looking for a henchman in the tradition of Odd Job and Jaws and the character, named Hinx, would ideally be over 6 foot two and get into a number fisticuffs with Bond throughout the film.

According to the report Dave Bautista has been signed for Hinx, the actor who recently was on the big screen in Guardians of the Galaxy as Drax the Destroyer which is a suitable partially Bond name there.

We’ll see if the report is out to be true, I guess that there is a strong possibility it is.

Source: Latino Review

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One Response to “Bond 24 henchman signed according to Latino Review [Audio]”

  • John

    Nice choice, if the report is to believed. I’d quite like to see a henchman with brains as well as brawn in a similar vein to Red Grant, rather than the mute Oddjob, Jaws type.