Bond 23 script under way

Bond 23 screenwriter Peter Morgan has apparently revealed that the plot of the next James Bond film will be “shocking” according to an article in Austian news site Kurier.

He revealed that he worked on the script between July and October but work has been put on hold at least until February due to the ongoing sale of MGM. Bond 23 is currently expected to start filming toward the end of 2010, with a release date in 2011. However, the uncertainty created by MGM’s position means that this could be in jeopardy.

One of the weaknesses of Quantum of Solace was the script, which was hurriedly completed by Paul Haggis to beat the writers’ strike; essentially unfinished, the script was being revised during filming. The early script work shows that Eon appear to have learned their lesson from that and want to make sure it is in the bag before going any further.

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One Response to “Bond 23 script under way”

  • Paul Scrabo

    Shocking – meaning it will be good?
    Forget trying to re-invent, or shock. Can they just make a James Bond film again? They used to be unique.

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