Bond 23 Release Date Announced [Press release]

Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli of EON Productions, together with Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum, Co-Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., today announced that the 23rd James Bond film will commence production in late 2011 for a worldwide release on November 9, 2012.

Daniel Craig will be returning as the legendary British secret agent, with Sam Mendes directing a screenplay written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan.

David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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22 Responses to “Bond 23 Release Date Announced [Press release]”

  • calvin bowes

    Please I beg of them no more artistic junk make a traditional Bond film. I will be verry angry if it does not begin with the white dots accross the screan

  • Clint Young

    Finally!!! I release date. I wonder what the plot will be? And having Sam Mendes Direct is another plus.

    I can hardly wait.

  • Clint Young

    Finally!!!A release date. I wonder what the plot will be? And having Sam Mendes Direct is another plus.

    I can hardly wait.

  • Mark Wright

    Ditto.Traditional Bond film.I have many ideas if you want.Glad they are starting up again!

  • Paul Kyriazi

    That’s very exciting. I hope it’s more in the style of ‘Casino Royale’ than ‘QOS’. Maybe they try to top it. Yes, I agree with Calvin. ‘Make a traditional Bond f

  • raul

    Great news ! If I may put in my two cents worth, however, they REALLY need to bring down the violence. The last two films were very unsavory in that respect. It’s even socially irresponsible, given the levels of real-life mayhem the globe is currently experiencing. Besides, there’s other aspects of Ian Fleming’s fictional world the film-makers have yet to fully exploit, i.e., the voluptuary, culinary & sybaritic nature of Bond’s life-style. After 22 movies, the franchise hasn’t a thing to prove–have it break some fresh ground sans the excess gore.

  • Elle Fagan

    I love traditional Bond, too.

    But the “artistic junk” is part of a 2011 film and NOT junk. I agree with you though that the classic characterization, true to the book is best. Cooler.

    But all such film characterizations and projects evolve or die.

    So the Bond today is NOT the same and so he is a huge hit, a character to whom today’s audience can relate.

    Getting too serious and/or agressive about “real Bond” and “authenticity” is popular but not really valid.

    The films are for adventure and fun: At NO TIME has the Bond story series had much to do with reality.

    That spy world horribly grim and bad – BAD – so bad that most die and/or fall ill very soon after diving into it. It would NOT excite most people – it would sicken.

    As one who has had only the barest brush with it all, but did see enough, I promise you, I am a Bond fan to keep me a LITTLE bit romantic and LOVING these men who save the world, because in real life they are NOT easy to love. In fact, I threw one in jail, and was encouraged to do similarly with another, but handled it otherwise.

    Most women would throw up at the Duskow Popov person, Fleming’s acquaintance who did the spystuff and inspired the books.

    In his day, a healthy single guy got paid for danger with permission to have fun “bein’ bad” – the ones who lasted in it simply really DID enjoy “bein’ bad” after hard work as a reward – the reward FELT like a reward, so they stayed.

    From the beginning of the books, Fleming cleans it up A LOT.

    And we liked what Fleming did and made movies of it and let Bond get more and more acceptable , until today’s Bond could come to dinner. He doesn’t even smoke! :-D

    Sometimes there is Wistful thinking:
    Yeahhhh bring back the old degenerate one! He was more fun to watch!

    I smiled to see finally a fair haired man, Daniel Craig in the role. Popov was fair…but Popov looks like he would spit at you if you suggested he work out.

    Most girls today would say Popov was slime when he was young and seedy when he was older. That he lived to marry and begat later was a thing we all cheered when he appeared on Ed Sullivan in the ’60s. I recall being thrilllled. He died in ’81 at age 69. A really fine life expectancy for one of his ilk.

    The film Bond has always been more the hero guy than the gritty and degenerated and truly cold character they say was the real “Bond”.

    Thanks goodness….sighhhhh.

    Valentines day is coming – got carried away. sorry.


  • Lawrence

    Give me a break, Raul. Your pc bs is quite tired. Bond is violent. that’s the way it is. His gourmet tastes and savoir-faire flesh out the character, but it’s the license to kill that is the essence of Bond. Perhaps you would be happier watching a nice Smurff movie or maybe Sponge Bob Square Pants.

  • Richard

    Sorry I do not agree with Raul about less violence in the Bond films, I personally think they were becoming to much like a poor comedy film , as Clavin say’s lets get back to the start with the white dots and the Bond theme ! and I agree with Paul we need the new film on the same lines as ‘Casino Royale’

  • Vaida

    I’m waiting for new James Bond film :)

  • Joel

    @Raul I think you are quite right there needs to be a balance between realisn and excessive violence – it’s only when you get to Licence To khat they introcuced a rating other than PG.
    However I also think that Richard has a good point… we don’t want a comedy Bond do we… We’ll have to wait and see!

  • Peter

    And let’s hope they pick a really beautiful ‘Bond Girl’ this time round. Recent choices have, in my opinion, been very disappointing – chief amongst them, Eva Green. Here’s an idea: now she’s shown us she can act, how about stunning Welsh songstress Katherine Jenkins? For my money, she THE most beaitiful woman since Grace Kelly.

  • robert semple

    The problem I have with the previous 2 Bond outings is if you replaced Craig with Mat Damo and voila you have a Jason Bourne movie. Yes there has to be violence and the books were very violent, remember Red Grants demise, grotesque but there was always a sofistication and element of glamour in the boks that was there with Connery and even Lazenby but has been lost somewhere between Moors and Brosnan. Dalton thought was excellent but one dimensional and Brosnan ws really a Roger Moore in his Simon Templar days. Although I think Craig has been brilliant despite his blonde hair (Sure lets ignore the description in the books, or even make him a woman, and change his name if preople think t doesn’t matter. The books should always be the focal point or we may as well get Mat Damon for the role and call him James Bourne!) but only because he’s a good actor but doesn’r look anything like the literary Bond. I think Jon Hamm from Mad Men has all the qualiies, he has the Hoag Carmichael looke but with the cruel mouth and dark contenance. Remember the line from The Nove Moonraker when Bond reflects that his appearace didn’t always fit in tat there was somthig foreign about him so he doen’t need to look like Davd Niven! Anyway, lesta get back to he headmaster type villain, the beautiful exotic locations, white and black tuxedos death and champagen

  • delima

    cant wait to see daniel craig… could u tell a little about the plot??

  • delima

    who is the bond girl? i like eva green at casino royale. perfect couple.

  • pim

    I do not agree about the issue about to much violence in let`s say Casino Royale
    I think it is even more realistic these days, if they come up with a film on the same level as Casino Royale, they did a great job.


  • Carlos

    Bring Q back!!!!!!
    Also a good car chase / battle scene like “Die Another Day”

  • Bernard Brul

    M…You make my day….Bernard

  • Steve Somerset

    Very pleased to see we are up and running and excited about Sam Mendes being in the directors seat. I hope we get a good script this time around. I thought Casino Royal was great way to introduce a new Bond and I thought Martin Campbel did a great job at the helm, as indeed he did with Golden Eye. The basic material was good and I think Daniel Craig’s bond had parallels with Connery. I’m thinking of the way he created a diversion by pretending to be a Car Parking valet and crashing the car. Good example of agent using his wits and cunning rather than a gadget to get results. I had high hopes for Quantum but was sorely dissappointed. Confusing plot, cut so fast there was no room for character development, all this plus a very weak villian, made the film, for me, a mess. So I want to see a story, a good one please and I would like to see some traditional Bond elements returned otherwise, as suggested above, it becomes a Bourne movie.
    I like the Jon Hamm suggestion. It’s something I have thought too after watching the excellent Madmen. He looks so good in those sixties suits my idea was to shoot a period Bond movie. But could he do an English/British accent?
    Anyway back to Bond 23, I’m optimistic and with a release date four days after my birthday it will continue a personal Bond tradition; a new 007 film for my Birthday.

  • Anthony A. Armor

    I think for Bond 24 they should get Alexander Siddig (Dr. Julian Bashir, Star Trek Deep Space Nine) to play Agent 007. Daniel Craig is OK as a Bond B.C. (Before Connery). But he plays Bond as a very green wet behind the ears hothead. All the previous actors from Sean Connery to Pierce Brosnan play 007 as an experienced, seasoned professional.

  • robert semple

    Re:Alexander Siddig playing Bond, no sorry can’t see that one, he’s Middle Eastern, and looks middle Eastern. Maybe Omar Sharif could play his father or why not go the whole hog and get Vin Raimes to play Bond or George Taki, Sulu from Star Trek. Mind you as a villain who could be better than Patrick Stewart or Brian Blessed get back to the traditional villain, ‘NO Mister Bond I expect you to die’

  • jamie

    bring on the violence another casino royale but better would be great, not feeling another ‘qos’.

    more girls!!!!!!!11