Bond 23 delayed indefinitely

Bad news was announced by Eon Productions on Monday, when they confirmed every Bond fan’s worst fear.

Producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli released a statement saying “due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the future of MGM and the failure to close a sale of the studio, we have suspended development of ‘Bond 23’ indefinitely. We do not know when development will resume and do not have a date for the release of ‘Bond 23′”.

The delay is a result of the failure so far of MGM to find a buyer at the right price or to restructure.

I han’t seen the official announcement from yesterday though.“Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the future of MGM and the failure to close a sale of the studio, we have suspended development of ‘Bond 23′ indefinitely,”

David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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30 Responses to “Bond 23 delayed indefinitely”

  • Johnny Farrell

    Bad news indeed, hope this gets sorted asap! I have a vested interest in movie and on pins as to when the go ahead is given.

    Best Regards

  • Johnny Farrell

    Somebody please, please buy the greatest franchise in the universe!

  • Rui Bettencourt

    Very sad news, we just have to hope that everything will be sorted out as soon as possible

  • Peter

    The matter is entirely out of the Bond fans’ hands … unless …
    M – you’re a pretty resourceful sort of wallah. How about a whip-round of MI6 and all your Mandarin pals in the upper echelons of Whitehall? Remember, if Bond goes – you may be next!

  • NORA

    why does Eon have to stick with MGM?
    cant they go to another studio, surely contracts are null and void in these cicumstances

  • M


    I’ll never go. I have the 00 section at my disposal :)


    Eon has a contract with MGM, and to extricate themselves from that would require lawyers and more delay. Unless the real reason for this announcement is to see if someone will buy them out of their contract with MGM…


  • S

    I think I want to cry!!! This has made a rubbish day even worse….someone come to the rescue PLLLLLLLLLEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEEE

  • Alan Jarvie

    Very disappointing news especially as the gap between Bond movies was already 3 years. I suspect that if Bond 23 is delayed until 2012 it won’t be Daniel Craig returning as 007 or Sam Mendes directing.

    Maybe Sony (who have tried to capture the franchise before) might step in and take it over?

  • Mike Davidson

    I really hate this!! Remember the dreadful six-year drought between Licence to Kill and Goldeneye? It was only the late John Gardner’s Bond novels that kept me going during that time, God rest his soul.

  • rommel_uk

    I think it’s a disgrace ,all the money earned from the previous Bond movies far outway the cost of making etc… not to forget the numorous other movies MGM has had profits with. Bond is part of peoples lives not just a number (23) 007 is etched in peoples hearts and to let them down like this the people behind it should be ashamed and sacked. Get others in that can do their jobs and treat the fans with more respect. I am and always will be a Bond fan and hope to hear good news soon. M get an agent on it NOW.

  • Pete

    Sad news indeed, but it’s Bond and Bond is for life not just 2011. He will return and the wait will be worth it.

  • M


    Couldn’t agree more.


  • Goldeneye

    I’ve got a bit of money in the bank…I think all of us Bond fans should unite and buy the franchise!

  • Alex Knight 001

    I don’t think we should panic just yet. They might get things sorted before too long. I’m curious what direction they’ll take now. Perhaps the next Bond film will be his ultimate mission where he unveils actual evidence that there is a New World Order, or how about Bond obtains evidence that U.F.O.s actually exist? How exciting would that be? They could call it “Risico”, “Live Once, Die Twice” or “Never Die Alone”.

  • Kelly Norris

    Gonna miss Daniel Craig and his 007 character. Perhaps it is time for someone to come along and re-write the story but with James as no longer a womaniser, upping and leaving, killing with no conscience etc and rather someone who gets the girl and stays with her. Now that is my kind of hero!!!

  • Pamela

    Since I was seven years old and saw Goldfinger in 1965 and saw the Bond’s Aston Martin at the 1965 New York World’s Fair, I look forward to every new Bond Movie. Hopefully they will sort this out soon but as someone else noted for some Bond movies are part of their lives. With all the changes in the world, James Bond is one of the few things that I can count on not changing. It has outlived its creators and spawned many imitators. Bond will be back.

  • M

    @Kelly – have you tried Jane Austin? :)


  • Robert Davis

    Surely some other company could look into paying to cancel the contract between EON and MGM. With the success of the James Bond franchise the profits would definitely outweigh the costs. This feels like the debacle that occurred before Pierce Brosnan took over. Ridiculous situation brought on by MGM mishandling their finances – way to go MGM :(

  • Kelly Norris

    Yes, Robert, I have tried Jane Austin and love Mr Darcy. Bond is a definite favourite though – just want to see him stay with the girl but then wouldn’t he be letting all you guys down if he could be depended on?!!!

  • Bernard

    Hi M, really bad news for starting the working day.I coudn’t wait for the next Bond picture.It’s really bad….really. Bernard

  • Larry Reynolds

    And I thought Blofeld was dead. Only SPECTRE could come up with something as diabolical as this to kill Bond.

  • AK

    Well, corporations take under serious consideration press releases and announcements. I believe the Broccoli’s (EON) are looking for an alternative studio to buy the contract from MCM in a prosperous price. The story will end well soon.

  • Raul

    Being a diehard fan for a great many years, I’ve very strong feelings about this. Unlike a great many fans, I don’t like the direction the franchise has taken.The volence is way over the top,& I hate how they have Bond acting like some lunatic ‘loose cannon’ that relishes killing–very un-Fleming-like! What I think they ought to do is take this hiatus as an opportunity to re-tool. There’s aspects of Fleming’s fictional world that have yet to be fully explored onscreen–the erotic, sensual & epicurean aspects, the moral, intellectual & philosophical issues the character deals with throughout the series, Maybe it’s time for yet another change, more in keeping with the direction in which the world is going!

  • David

    Bond has been here before – remember the early 90s when Dalton was stuck in limbo? Being a resourceful chap he’ll pull through.

    While all the legal stuff is pretty daunting for mere mortals to follow it seems weird if EON can be tied to a contract with MGM if MGM can’t hold their end up. Surely some other enterprising studio would step in ?

  • Alex Knight 001

    I wonder if it isn’t time for a Bond television series. They could call it “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, named after the novel of the same name, but not limited to that story. The show could begin with the birth of James Bond. Where was he born? How was he raised. Eventually taking us up to his college years, his time in the service and finally, how he is recruited into the S.I.S.(M.I.6). I think they should use the original novel timeline, 1920 on. And really be true to the novels. Episodes based on the novels would probably have to be two-part episodes(at least most of them), and eventually take us up to where he proposes to Ms. Moneypenny at the end of the series finale. Last episode of its 7th season. Now just how cool would that be? I ask you.

  • Dj Smersh

    This too shall pass. James Bond has the longest running franchise in the history of cinema with over a 1/3 of the planet has seen at least one Bond film. This tells you that whatever happens the industry can’t afford to give up this gold mine. As stated in previous comments we’ve been here before with the Dalton/Brosnan swap over and we will probably go through it again but whilst there are Bond fans out there the movie makers won’t put 007 out to pasture. Just sit back, ride the storm and take the time to revist the darker/more human side of Bond through the novels. Honour the writings of Fleming, Amis, Gardner, Benson and Faulks. Whilst there are the books and the DVD’s Bond is never far away.

  • Lawrence

    First question has to be does this mean a new Bond is down the road? I thought Casino Royal was very good but the next quicky was not that good. I wish they would bring Brosnan back. I know Hugh Jackman has said over and over he would like to play Bond. In my opinion he looks more like Connery than anyone else. Anyway the whole thing is “Shocking, simply shocking”.

  • calvin bowes

    This is bad news indede if this film is delayed to long Craig wont be in a third 007 flick and number three as any Bond fan knows is the defining film for any actor who plays Bond. Every time a Bond film gets delayed its because of stupit law suits and money issues we probably would be on Bond 30 if that scum bucket Keven Mcclory would have just created something on his own and not relied on something someone eals created. In this case just because someone wont buy the studio, the worst part is that indeffinately could mean never. SPECTRE cant kill 007 but a buckaroo can.

  • Richard

    I am in my 57th year and I have loved Bond for as long as I can remember I as many of the other fans can watch them over and over , my opinion is that Daniel Craig is almost as good as Sean Connery , and better than the rest by a mile .

    we need Bond he is English through and thrugh and the Way Danile portrays him is as bond would be .

  • Steve

    After hearing about the so called money problems of MGM, which i fear is a excuse to drive hard bargains for movie production. Cant EON find another studio like Paramount or Sony to pick up thre tab.
    Like most peoples opinion i fear Danial Craig will leave the series and it will be then back to recasting for Bond.