Bond 22 not Risico

The recent story that James Bond 22 is to be based on Risico demonstrates how inaccurate the media usually is when it comes to show business news.

Risico is a short story by Ian Fleming that appears in For Your Eyes Only. Set mainly in Rome and Venice, it’s nice and compact and given the Casino Royale treatment – where the story is expanded for a 2 hour plus film and added action – could work well on the big screen. So what is the problem with this story then?

Let’s start with For Your Eyes Only, widely acknowledged as one of the only decent Roger Moore films. The film has many Flemingesque moments because it was based on two short stories written by the author. The first of those is For Your Eyes Only; the second – you guessed it – Risico.

The Risico story is in there in almost its entirety and although the stories have been changed to enable them to intertwine, the film is probably the only Roger Moore film to be faithful to Ian Fleming.

So, will EON repeat it? Simply put, no, although there is a small possibility that the film makers will use the title. But if they think it doesn’t sound Bond enough – which it may not to the many cinematic Bond fans who are more used to films with “Gold” or “Die” in the title – then the name will never make it to screen.

So the moral to this story is that if you want good, solid information on Bond 22 look here on The James Bond Dossier, we may not be first but we will be right.

David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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One Response to “Bond 22 not Risico”

  • Steve Phillips

    There is no way IMHO that EON will use “Risico”.This as stated was extensivly used in FYEO and is Roger Moore’s best performance as Bond. The only one of his films to remain faithful to Flemings character.

    Bond 22 is a sequel to Casino Royale and judging by the rumours, will be somewhat similar to Licence To Kill in that Bond is seeking revenge. Mr White is the threat behind the threat and is the key to the organisation behind Le Chiffre. My guess is that Bond will extract information from him – and could be the opening sequence of the new movie – and follow on from that. Why do you think Bond shot him in the leg?: so that the mystery surrounding the bigger picture can be revealed.

    Possibly Vesper Lynd’s dark mystery and her Algerian boyfriend are the driving force. I read somewhere that Spectre(SMERSH in the novel) are the real enemy but don’t think that SPECTRE will be re-introduced. We can only hope and see.