Behind the scenes on Quantum of Solace

A short behind the scenes video has been posted on AOL’s moviefone website. It features interviews with Daniel Craig, as well as director Marc Forster and producter Michael G Wilson.

Press the play button to watch it below:

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8 Responses to “Behind the scenes on Quantum of Solace”

  • Fi

    I like it lots of fast moving action, to get the pulse racing, hoping he won’t get seriously hurt!

  • Emmanuel

    Hello All,
    Patience is with me and am sure it will be a great follow up to the previous JB seen last.
    In some ways I just can’t wait, but am with you for the best filming of Quantum of Solace…
    By the way am happy to say I knew where title came from!!
    Best wishes and personal regards

  • Jacobo

    I found the short behind-the-scenes video really dynamic and well edited. It sounds like interesting action, with Daniel even better than before. It sounds as though the script is morbidly interesting… Look forward to it.

  • Gregory

    This clip was quite interesting tease. I wish I were apart of the movie production, or at least going through the workout, car and boat stunts. Quantum of Solace is a great title. I cannot wait to see more.
    Best wishes


    I agree … the clip certainly looks like more
    action and I think Daniel will outperform his last fantastic effort.

  • JOHN


  • Carson

    I concur to all 5 of you. This film is looking amazing!

    My only caveat comes from a fear of spoilers…maybe I’ll have to disconnect from updates and leakages and rely on the company’s more major announcements!

    Nevertheless, the site is doing great in providing everything a Bond fan could want.

  • Christop

    Fantastic, appears to be filled with action!

    Compliments to M for keeping us in the loop.