Barbara Broccoli set to ask Daniel Craig back after Othello ends?

A US website claims Barbara Broccoli produced Daniel Craig’s current stage run of Othello to entice him back for Bond 25.

The article on Page Six, part of the NY Post network, quotes an unnamed source as saying Craig wants to “stretch his artistic muscles” and Broccoli did the play as a gift in order to entice him back. Some time after the run is finished in January she will ask him back to do Bond 25.

The author mentions Daniel Craig’s comments about preferring to slash his wrists that do another Bond, ignoring that it was said in jest two days after SPECTRE wrapped. He adds that Craig changed his tune when interviewed in October. In reality he has always said he is undecided. The article also states that none of the other actors mentioned in connection with the role are in the frame.

The insider said Broccoli would ask Craig back for the next 007 film, “Bond 25,” sometime after the play’s run. Other insiders add that Craig is amenable to a return to Bond after a hiatus of a few years when he’ll tackle “more serious roles.”

Key takeaways

  • Barbara Broccoli appears to get on well with Daniel Craig and is certain to ask him back.
  • If Craig really does feels Broccoli has done him any big favours he may feel obliged to return.
  • The source quote is anonymous and the information provided unverifiable.

Source: Page Six

Thanks to The Spy Command for pointing out this article.

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