Barbara Broccoli confirms Bond 26 casting not yet underway

Despite rumours and speculation about the next actor to play James Bond, the casting process has not yet begun.

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Sunday evening saw Barbara Broccoli walk the red carpet of the annual BAFTA Film Awards at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Ladbible managed to get to speak to her briefly about progress on Bond 26 and whether they had made any progress on casting a new James Bond.

No, we haven’t even started casting yet. There isn’t even a script.

That shouldn’t be a surprise to regular readers of The James Bond Dossier, but may be disappointing to casual fans of the franchise who rely on the British tabloids for their Bond 26 news

Back in September she told Variety that they needed to work out the new direction of the series before casting the next Bond. Casting would depend on where they wanted to steer the 007 ship. She also said at that time that Bond 26 was at least two years from starting, which would mean production beginning in 2024 at the very earliest and a 2025 release.

As usual you’re better off ignoring the mainstream press. Their reporting on Bond tends to be speculative.

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Source: LadBible

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