007 Science exhibition opens in Chicago

Bond fans in Chicago get to glimpse into Bond’s world of gadgets and vehicles.

The Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) in Chicago is inviting James Bond fans and science enthusiasts alike to delve into the fascinating world of 007’s science and technology. The groundbreaking exhibition, titled 007 Science: Inventing the World of James Bond, opened its doors on 7th March and will run until 27th October 2024.

007 Science marks a significant milestone as the first-ever Bond exhibit dedicated exclusively to the science and technology that power the iconic spy’s globe-trotting adventures. Through an immersive exploration of physics, chemistry, engineering, and mathematics, the exhibit unveils how the magic of Bond’s world is brought to life on screen.

The exhibit showcases a collection of 13 vehicles and 90 artefacts, offering fans a rare glimpse into the real-world ingenuity behind Bond’s most memorable gadgets and stunts. Highlights include the prototype jet pack from Thunderball, Paloma’s innovative lipstick and earpieces from No Time to Die that enabled secret communications, and the thrilling Parahawk snowmobiles from The World Is Not Enough.

Gregg Wilson, Associate Producer of the James Bond film series, expressed his pride in partnering with MSI for this pioneering science-themed exhibition. He emphasized that 007 Science invites the public to explore the intersection of movie magic and real-world science, both in front of and behind the camera.

This exhibition not only celebrates the ingenuity and creativity of the Bond production team but also serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of James Bond’s world, where science fiction meets scientific fact. Whether you’re a die-hard Bond fan or simply fascinated by the science behind the cinema, 007 Science: Inventing the World of James Bond promises an experience like no other.

For more information on the exhibition or to reserve tickets check out the museum’s website.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to step into the shoes of the world’s most famous spy and discover the real-world science that fuels his unforgettable exploits.

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