James Bond costume

So, you’ve been invited to a James Bond theme party, or you’re holding one yourself? And now you want to know how to dress as 007 himself. Here are a few ideas for the quintessential James Bond costume:

  • Read the section on James Bond’s appearance again. Anything appeal? You can wear a sharp suit with white shirt and black knitted silk tie. Simple. Sophisticated. What more do you want?
  • The Tuxedo option – black or white dinner jacket/tux and a black bow tie. With this option you should wear a
    white shirt, black patent leather slip-ons a black cummerbund. If you don’t own your own dinner jacket or tuxedo, renting is easy – just don’t be seen wearing it during daylight hours.
  • Or how about Bond as a frogman? A wetsuit will get too hot to wear all night, but you can take a facemask and
    snorkel and wear it with your tux.


More on James Bond costumes

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