SPECTRE filming diary


4th December 2014

At a photocall held at the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studio, director Sam Mendes announced Bond 24 was to be titled SPECTRE before unveiling the Aston Martin DB10 designed specially for the film and introducing principal cast members.

8th December 2014

Filming starts at Pinewood Studios.

15th December 2014

Daniel Craig and Rory Kinnear take place in filming on the Thames near Vauxhall Bridge.

Later that evening Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris take part in filming at Ladbroke Gardens in Notting Hill. Craig is seen at the window of a first floor flat wearing a dressing gown, while Naomie Harris walks down the street outside.

17th December 2015

Craig and Kinnear are seen on the speedboat again, this time at Campden Lock.

4rd January 2015

Daniel Craig arrives Lake Altaussee by helicopter for location work in Austria.

5th January 2015
Filming starts on Lake Altaussee but is hampered by poor weather.

6th Jan 2015

Good weather all day means the entire day is spent filming, making up for lost time.

7th January 2015

The cast and crew move to Sölden and Daniel Craig Léa Seydoux and Dave Bautista take part in a photocall against the spectacular backdrop of Tyrolean Alps.

8th-10th January 2015

Filming takes place at the Ice-Q Restaurant at Sölden.

12th-13th January 2015

Filming takes place at the Rettenbach Glacier road & tunnel.

14th-16th January 2015

Cast and crew shoot scenes in Obertilliach.

17th January 2015

Main cast and first unit return to Pinewood while the second unit remains in Austria.

6th February 2015

Daniel Craig sustains knee injury while shooting a fight scene at Pinewood and filming is postponed for the day.

9th-11th February 2015

Night shoot at Blenheim Palace.

18th February 2015

Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci took part in a photo-call with the city’s mayor with the Roman Forum and Coliseum as a backdrop.

19th February 2015

The first day of filming in Rome took place at the Museum of Roman Civilization.

Many night shoots took place involving the Aston Martin DB10 and Jaguar C-X75 racing through Rome’s cobbled streets and along the riverside of the Tevere.

18th March 2015

A press conference was given by Michel G Wilson and Mexican Bond Girl Stephanie Sigman, in which Wilson denied changing the script at the request of the Mexican authorities, but confirming a sponsorship deal involving Mexican companies.

19th-31st March 2015

The film makers shot scenes in Mexico City for a Day of the Dead procession involving scores of extras in costume. Other scenes filmed in the centre of Mexico City involved Daniel Craig with a helicopter flying overhead in some scenes.

Towards the end of the shoot journalists were invited to Mexico City of a press junket, while Daniel Craig had a minor knee op in New York on 30th March to rectify an injury sustained towards the start of filming.

April-June 2015

Cast and crew returned to Pinewood to resume studio work. Daniel Craig was due to return to filming on 22nd April following his operation, but reported for work as early as 14th April.

18th April 2015

Daniel Craig was back at work on location in London as shooting took place at City Hall. Craig was reportedly used for close ups, with his stunt double doing any running.

18th May 2015

With filming continuing behind the closed doors of the Pinewood sound stages, SPECTRE was next seen on location in London on 18th May for a night shoot Daniel Craig and Leá Seydoux on the Thames with a helicopter hovering overhead. This was to prove to be the first of several weekend location shoots in the capital.

22nd-24th May 2015

Several cast members were seen near Rules restaurant on Friday, while Saturday night saw smoke close to the Houses of Parliament and Ralph Fiennes made up with a head wound. ON Sunday Daniel Craig was filmed walking down Whitehall during the day and on Westminster Bridge after darkness fell.

29th-31st May 2015

Filming took place at Covent Garden on Friday and in and around Trafalgar Square,Trafalgar Square, The Mall and Whitehall over Saturday and Sunday.

4th-6th June 2015

Filming took place near the Tate Modern on Friday and on Vauxhall Bridge on Saturday and Sunday. For the first time Christoph Waltz was seen on location with reflective dots on his face typically used in computer generated special effects shots, leading to speculation about how his face might be altered in the film.

More filming is due in London later this month and on location in Morocco.

This page will be updated periodically during filming. Last update: 11th June 2015.

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