What would you like to see in Bond 25? Let me know here!

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Is there anything you want to see in Bond 25?

Or maybe there’s something you’d rather they avoided completely. It could be…

  • an actor you have in mind for a certain role
  • your ideal Bond location
  • a situation never encountered by 007
  • Something else entirely…

Whatever it is – I want to know. All you need to do is leave a comment below and I’ll report the most common wishes for Bond 25!

David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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34 Responses to “What would you like to see in Bond 25? Let me know here!”

  • Greg Finch

    more flying scenes including a wing suit scene where DC 007 soars into a flying plane . the red bull guys are doing it now along with using wing suits in Switzerland … scotland, england ,, maybe the left coast of the usa and canada where i live would be fun. some scuba diving and sailing scenes or power boating.. of course the aston martin car scenes. guns, hot women, planes, cars, boats, . brand marquis is good… id stick with Europe and north america.. australia and new zed is good. res of the world is a bit of a toilet.. i fly for a living and carry a gun at work so a bit of a 007 myself… we all like to see the stronger and better looking version ourselves on the silver screen. i sail and scuba, hike … parachute etc.. its all good.

  • Javi Trujillo

    Bond in his naval uniform, Bond scuba diving, Bond skiing, gun barrel at the beginning, “James Bond Will Return” at the end, a Shirley Bassey/Adele duet for the main title, David Arnold scoring, Blofeld and Madeline returning.

  • David Leigh

    Just imagine if that could combine all that in a single sequence!

  • Carlos

    Well, first I really Would like to see a different actor for James bond.
    Also, I really Would like to see a story from the books of John Gardner never usted.
    This man wrote great stories.
    Actually, very soon we Will see a draft from the book cold” in the new mission impossible. You should read that book. I Would love to see they do a screenplay from the book Icebreaker..It has everything, locations, ActionScript, a great plot, deceit, double Cross.

  • Simon Parsons

    I would love to see the return of Ernest Stavro Blofeld and SPECTRE. I think bond 24 felt like if there was unfinished business with SPECTRE. It would be nice to see bond in Australia, one of the only locations bond hasn’t visited in the films! I would like to see bond return to the dark edgyness of casino royale and skyfall, possibly a revenge type film which brings him back to MI6. Also it would be great to see this film part 1 of a 2 part adventure but don’t think Daniel Craig would be up for Bond 26!

  • Doc Lowe

    More of the James Bond theme in action sequences and tongue and cheek humor from Daniel Craig….the helicopter scene at the beginning of Spectre would have been perfect with the JB Theme to propel it!

  • David Leigh

    Yep, I agree on that!

  • John Woodhouse

    Eva Green!!! Far and away the most stunningly beautiful Bond girl of all time. Would love to have seen the character Vesper Lynd live on to be in future Bond films.

  • David Leigh

    Difficult since she died in Casino Royale!

  • Damian kelly

    For me the most important element in a bond movie is the gun barrel at the beginning did not like it being put on at the end and classic sounding tune like in skyfall

  • David Leigh

    The gunbarrel was back at the start of SPECTRE, so I guess it’s there to stay now.

  • Larry Church

    I’d like to see Bond back in Jamaica with some references to Dr. No.

  • Peter J

    Film begins with Bond at hospital 4 birth of Moneypenny’s baby (husband is millionaire/adventurer- stuck on space platform). The baby is kidnapped several hours later during fight/chase scene in and out of hosptal, ending with Bond being injected with ‘something’. Credits: Pink sings New song: You Cant Save Everyone. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Film involves the recovery of baby by Bond and Moneypenny’s husband, played by Idris Elba, who, it turns out is an excellent soldier. Film uses the 007 Theme. Listen to: FRWL Scene : stealing Lector decoder, and underwater battle in Thunderball as well as Boat Chase in Moonraker. Yes- THAT MUSIC.

  • Liddle, Sean Liddle

    I want to see a return to one off films with only a smattering of connection to the background story. I want to see old enemies or their children. I want to see Blofeld and no rehash / re imagining of an old plot from an old film. Greenland/Canada, Caribbean, South American and Antarctica as the final location. Perhaps the grandchildren of an old foe as the enemy..

  • Santiago Alvarez

    I would very much like TO SEE YOU: DAVID LEIGH, in the next Bond production. JUST PLAYING A SHORT PART, A SYMBOLIC PART, A WALK ON-OFF PART, in whatever scene. It would be a due homage to you, for all that you do for the Bond cause. Do the Broccoli realize how much you are contributing to the James Bond extravaganzas ??? You are holding this web site with all this Bond info, and else, and you might have some kind of recognition from the producers or whomever, I don’t know, but undoubtedly you are giving yourself to the Bond cause and you deserve that recognition. YOU IN A WALK ON PART is what I ask !!!!!!

  • David Leigh

    Thanks, but this isn’t going to happen!

  • James G lawless

    For once in the 007 movies, I would love to see 007’s Scottish landlady May to make an appearance just like in Ian Fleming’s books so how about it?

  • David Leigh

    It would work in a film set in the 1950s, but Bond having a housekeeper in the 21st century would just seem weird.

  • Paul Tohill

    I’d like to see the movie starting at the original Spy Who Loved Me scenario where James rescues the young clerk closing a motel for the season in the eastern USA (or it could be Canada) rescuing her from mob figures and an arson and then setting off to his next mission that somehow connects to the mob or clerk???

  • Wayne S.

    A return to opening credits that feature sexy ladies. Bond isn’t supposed to be politically correct. He’s a chauvinist perhaps but he’s good and noble and self-sacrificing… in short, he’s a man and he’s a hero!

  • michael

    Get Rid of Daniel Craig he’s a wimp I want a real Bond like Sean Connery no female bonds no blacks bonds a white English, Scottish guy playing bond I’m sick about this politically correct crap in movies

  • David Leigh

    Um… OK.

  • Chris

    On Paul Tohill’s comment on the original Spy Who Loved Me scenario, I agree. To see how it would have come out, you might want to check a 2013 movie called”Cold Comes the Night”. It has a similar plot.

  • Christatos

    My goodness where to begin with, well for starters I promise to do my best in making this is a constructive professional criticism as best as I can without offending, bashing or demeaning someones favorite star or actor; but if my message fails, then my sincere apologies.

    To begin with, I’ve never really enjoyed Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Bond even though he has performed much better in the role from his last 2 outings than when he first began.

    Craig’s interpretation to me of Bond is perfect for the rugged, rogue, tough guy image of an assassin or hit-man. But lacks completely as a Suave, Gallant, Handsome, Debonair ladies man super spy. I’m sorry to say that but it is here where he fails miserably.

    It seems EON’s approach to Bond with Craig has been nothing more than introducing or re-inventing another ‘Bourne’ or ‘Transporter’ combination. And the characters of both ‘Bourne’ or ‘Transporter’ are NOT Bond.

    I’ll give you an example with the phrase ‘womanizing’ I know we live in a politically correct world now that shames and frowns upon sexual harassment – but come on now people, one thing we like with Bond is the fast pace, action gun/fist fighting, the one liners (humor), and Most Importantly of all is that Bond gets the girls during and at the end of the film.

    With Craig, it just seems this is where his image of Bond really lacks.

    This is evidently seen especially in that from ‘Quantum of Solace’. Holy Smokes he never beds the girl (Olga Kurylenko’s character) and WORSE EVEN he what lets her go at the end of the movie???

    No making out nothing.
    None of the other BONDS would do this.
    In fact, I don’t recall any of the novels ever doing that. It just pure shameless!!
    The fact that Bond gets the girl is what really separates him from any other character: Mike Hammer, Maxwell Smart, Bourne, Transporter, John McClane, Equalizer, John Wick. Paul Kersey, etc.
    All of these guys are tough action hero guys without a doubt playing cops, rebels, renegades, vigilantes or whatever, But none of them ever are suave enough to be a womanizer and bed the girls.

    I cant say that in a more politically correct term without sounding like a chauvinist, and its definitely missing in Craig’s movies. Without him being the ladies man, he’s really not much different than the other film characters I just described.

    And Furthermore, Craig is great as a tough guy but man what happened to the coolness dialogue in Bond from All of his predecessor’s – that simply put in knowing how to carry on a conversation.
    Craig spends most of his time like a Stoic actor.
    By that I refer to as Stoic is- compared to that of Keanu Reeves in John Wick, Denzel Washington in the Equalizer, or anyone else that gives a sharp mean look in his eye but doesn’t really carry on a dialogue with anyone.

    And again what happened to our good One Liners that we had in all the previous Bond actors? Its refreshing to hear a little humor once in awhile from a serious death fight or something of that nature. It adds to the comic relief when someone or something bad just happened in a scene. Now it seems that too has been abolished for whatever reason.

    Folks believe it or not – That is all true ‘classic Bond’ and its disappeared from us for the longest time.

    Then there’s the music, man it seems like the last 2 movies the soundtrack is playing dark, eerie sounds during the action and suspense scenes. No where heard is the original track of the James Bond theme. And to add insult to injury only then do we really hear the original soundtrack being played in the last couple of scenes from the last two Bond movies. I.E. Skyfall & Spectre.

    The other actors:

    Well I do like the new ‘M”
    However, I don’t like the new ‘Q’. It’s not his youth or image that bothers me, but he is not funny. He is not like-able much like the original Q.

    The Q we knew would say “Right now pay attention 007” and then add in his improvisation.
    Nothing from the new Q doing that.

    And Moneypenny? Man – When did Moneypenny ever get out in the field and become a sniper? Not much have a love affair with Bond? I.E. Shaving him near the bedroom? This never happened in the previous Bond films or in the novels with Fleming, Gardner, Benson etc. And seriously I don’t count the Moneypenny files as they’re not real continuation novels of James Bond’s outings.

    Once Again my apologies if I offended anyone. But there is really no denial or argument to say that the image of Bond as a whole has changed dramatically since Craig took over and has never been or felt the same way with the other films or other actors who’ve portrayed him.

    There may be many who like this interpretation of him in Bond which is fine. Everyone’s entitled to their feelings and opinions, but I’ve always liked to have a different Bond in the cinematic version and a different Bond from the literary version and not be entirely completely the same from both styles. A little Variance is good, otherwise its the same thing over and over again and then Bond becomes too predicable.

  • David Leigh

    Seems like you had a lot to get off your chest ;)

    Just a couple of things I’d say though:

    “Holy Smokes he never beds the girl…
    None of the other BONDS would do this.”

    Apart from Timothy Dalton in The Living Daylights.

    “In fact, I don’t recall any of the novels ever doing that.”

    He doesn’t get the girl in Moonraker. Gala Brand is engaged to a member of Special Branch and gets married days after the mission ends.

    I agree about the music though.

  • James g lawless

    Never mind all this pc, give 007 back his gunmetal cigarette case and Robson lighter goodness sake he’s Bond James Bond not a wimpy kid wrapped up in cotton wool sorry ronson lighter and his morland cigarette s regards lawless James lawless

  • John J

    I can accept the fact that much of what we love about Bond has to be rebooted to an entirely different era, but I tend to agree with much of Christato’s post (particularly dark quips, the music & the new Q). I think Bond has to maintain a carefully managed degree of control (on the edge) towards “womanizing”, drinking & cigarettes. This & a cold sense of humor (& comfortable, witty dialogue) are what separates him from all the other action/spies. I also found Peter J’s plot idea really intriguing. By the way, I also think Daniel Craig is the best bond since Sean Connery.

  • John Lombard

    Hope they keep the same type of script/formula as the past Four Films, and for us fans on The Langley-Side of “The Pond”, I hope they show FOX News in the background scenes from now on, not SPECTRE/Soros-Approved CNN…

  • Gregory Brake

    More of the 60’s style action and look with a Female villain this time out to destroy the world, Maybe have Bond forced to team up with a member of SPECTRE to take on this villain in order to save the world. Bond could be out to end the threat were as the SPECTRE agent wants to have the villain join SPECTRE or die. Always the conflict and trust issues throughout the film between the two organizations.
    More cool gadgets and some real stunts that will put BOND movies back on top as the coolest spy movies of all.

  • Douglas E Dockey

    I’d like to see the introduction of May the Housekeeper and Miss Ponsonby the Secretary characters in the movies.
    Also, some well placed references to former foes, friends and places/events.

  • Tom Peel

    Bond meets a young agent, who vaguely resembles him. He has a boring name like David Leigh. At the end of the movie, Q is searching some obscure databases, and finds his real name is James Bond, Jr.
    Bond shoots and missed sometimes.
    Moneypenny is back in the field.
    A cameo appearance from…Sean Connery!
    A shout-out to…Roger Moore!
    The heavy is one of three people. Bond and the audience don’t know who.
    There is a thrilling stunt like in Mission
    There are no traitors in the Secret Intelligence Service.
    Best car chase of all time! Careening through a forest, jumping a creek and smashing through fences.
    Bond is attacked by a drone with a machine gun.
    There is some comic relief, like Benji in Mission Impossible. But not so annoying.
    Bond has to stop a jet from taking off while in an ordinary car.
    Movie is shot in New Zealand or Scandinavia.

  • David Leigh

    “He has a boring name like David Leigh.”

    Gee, thanks ;)

  • George Swanson

    I’m with Peter J. Would really like to hear “007” tune in Bond 25. Did John Barry (or family) put a lock on it? Even if royalties would have to be paid, I think it would be worth it!

  • David Leigh

    It has been used in the last four Bond movies, but I think the idea is to deliberately play it down a bit.

    If David Arnold is back on board for the next one maybe you’ll be lucky though.

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