Watch the full SPECTRE trailer online

Today the eagerly awaited trailer for SPECTRE was released online. Click the play button to watch it above and then leave a comment below to let me know what you think of it.


David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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48 Responses to “Watch the full SPECTRE trailer online”

  • brian ferguson

    Looks brill. cant wait. Roll on October

  • David Leigh

    Best trailer of the Daniel Craig era for me. Was disappointed with ALL the others. This looks fantastic, although Bond is going rogue yet again!

  • Ray Grella

    The first trailer was interesting, but this trailer raises the interest level to where there is no doubt about viewing this movie. Daniel Craig has taken the Bond character to a place never before achieved. Total enjoyment.

  • James

    Another exciting and twisting story for James Bond. This is Daniel Craig’s finest moment as James Bond. Can’t wait see the movie in October.

  • Peter Lim

    Lookin’ forward to Spectre’s theatre release!! I’m sure it will be another exciting James Bond flick!!

  • Ken Romeo

    Wow, looks brilliant! can not wait for November, Daniel Craig looks as though he has done the title role well!

  • Professor Andrew Czarn

    Bond is back in SPECTRE and better than ever. Whomever the action hero is, there will never be as one as iconic as James Bond 007

  • Steve Ward

    Excellent trailer. Looks like its back to grittier style of the earlier Danial Craig outings so is already down as a “must see” for me.

  • David Leigh

    Definitely looks better than Skyfall, which for me was hugely disappointing.

  • nick nack

    Can not wait for this, looks excellent and i’m sure wont disappoint, really enjoying Daniel Craig as Bond

  • David Betteridge

    This is Bond and Beyond and Further…. Roll on October can’t wait!!!!

  • Sam Bartlett

    appetite whetted!

  • Roy Butler

    Can’t wait to see it. Daniel Craig looks yet again brilliant as Bond….”James Bond”.

  • claudio53

    JUST CAN HARDLY WAIT… Chris Waltz will reach level of TOP VILLAINS (G. Froebe, A. Celi). And now getting ready to roll with NEW bond´s Song…. If for Dame Bassey all would be really back to the top…. but US/UK production are TOO caring for young generation… so (sadly) this will remain a DREAM for all (millions) real bond fans!

  • Ray

    I found Skyfall to be a total disappointment, I hope that Spectre turns out to be a huge sucess

  • David

    Looks like a wonderful film which will not disappoint. I look forward to seeing the new Aston Martin as well.

    David from Toronto

  • David Leigh

    Agree about the Aston. Looks like it will be a great chase.

  • k.sunil kumar

    Spectre trailer is amazing, this movie has high expectations. After the Oscar winning Skyfall I am eagerly waiting for this Bond instalment. Daniel Craig is the best bond after Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

  • Christian collins

    This is bond back to his best with all those iconic scenes – train , snow , villain and girls.
    Hooray simply can not wait , Craig looks even more awesome , just getting better after each film. amazing

  • David Leigh

    I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it today, but it really leaves me with the feeling that it’s going to be a classic.

  • Allen

    I too look forward to seeing the new Aston Martin. Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 is back against Ernst Stavro Blofeld of SPECTRE, the long wait is over.

  • David Leigh

    We’ll see if Blofeld is in it. Should be, but maybe that’s too obvious.

  • Sean

    Interesting.. The initial LaLD connection in Miami. Interested how much they will expand on that particular “mission”.

  • Sean

    (Also, I think this is a “family” film.. in that the Blofeld character is Bond’s half brother.. a “re-visioning” of the stories but that’s what the evidence to date leads me to think.

  • Mike Medrano

    I STILL miss the bald head, the tunic and the white cat.
    Hopefully, this Blofeld (assuming he actually IS in this film) will be as unforgettable as the iconic one of the sixties.

  • David Leigh

    Difficult to carry off after Austin Powers.


    Can’t wait. Daniel Craig is right up there with Sean Connery in my book.
    I would have preferred to have not seen the longer preview, though. One can figure out too much of the story line with just a basic knowledge of story telling. c’est la vie

  • Somerset

    Please don’t let Blofeld be a half brother. That’s straight out of Goldmember!

  • David Leigh

    I agree that if they are related it becomes too unbelievable. We’ll have to wait and see though.

  • Mike Medrano

    Agree with you about the Austin Powers connection, David.
    I know the “old” cinematic Blofeld wouldn’t work in today’s films. I have always preferred the way the character was portrayed in “From Russia With Love” and “Thunderball” when his face was completely concealed. Unfortunately, Donald Pleasence’s portrayal spoiled it for the rest of the series.

  • Philip Stevenson

    Someone has a Lazenby swagger going on!
    Do you think Sir Godfrey Tibbett (our department), laid out the white jacket & black tie?
    Nice to see its return 30 years later!

  • nora smith

    cant wait to see it

  • Wayne Schenewert

    Fantastic! Great trailer and it gets my blood pulsing.

  • Craig Miller.

    :-) Excellent, this look’s better than Skyfall.

  • Stephen Ward

    Amazing. Loo7king forward to October and Spectre. Was not sure about the DB10 shape/style but warming to it now I have seen it in action. Daniel in a white tuxedo!!

  • David Leigh

    Same here with the DB10. Looks great in profile and in action, wasn’t sure when it was unveiled in December.

  • Tom Osborne

    Thank you so much for showing us this! It will be hard to wait for this movie. I will reserve my tickets at my favorite theater as soon as they are available. The preview is exciting, I love Bond piloting this (or these?) planes, that makes it extra exciting for me. Also, the car chase through Rome (yay, Rome!); I kept thinking why would Jaguar want to have their car in this race since surely Bond’s Aston Martin will win? However, I bet that Jaguar will look amazingly beautiful, so it will all even out. The two women they showed look appealing to me, and so does Moneypenny! Thrills, chills, and excitement all around. Daniel Craig does Bond right; it’s going to be a great October.

  • David Leigh

    The car chase looks a real highlight. Classic Bond.

  • KC67

    Brilliant trailer, love Daniel Craig as Bond, may he stay in it forever! Although i heard Damien Lewis is next possible Bond – Interesting! :)

  • David Leigh

    To early to think about his replacement. Wait and see when the time comes!

  • Tony

    Can’t wait shame Sam Mendes won’t do another

  • David Leigh

    We’ll see about that. After Skyfall he said he wouldn’t do another.

  • Gary Scoles

    One of the coolest things about this trailer …..the theme from O.H.M.S.S. playing in the background.Be great to have John Barry’s 007 theme in the new movie.

  • Phine

    Looks really exciting and great. :))

  • curtis

    Looks great! Daniel Craig now owns the role. I hate that we have to wait an extra week in the US. I hope they give time for character development as they did in Casino Royale. Skyfall lost its momentum and potential by jumping around too much. I like a Bond film that I can watch over and over like From Russia with Love. Casino falls in that category as well

  • echosend

    Noticed the OHMSS melody. Will this be incorporated into the score?

  • David Leigh

    That’s a very good question. I hope it is, but often the music for trailers isn’t done by the composer used in the movie, although it does sound like Thomas Newman (although I’m by no means an expert).

  • Bernard Brulé

    Nice but,it seems to be as dark as Skyfall