The spectre of betrayal? A first look at 007’s latest gun

The recent behind the scenes video on SPECTRE, taken on location in Austria, ended with Daniel Craig knock out a heavy before firing his gun at someone off camera. A photo released at the same time revealed that the gun was not the usual PPK; in this article Paolo Tagini  reveals its identity.

Heckler & Koch VP9 in SPECTRE

In the first shots of SPECTRE, taking place in Austrian Alps, Daniel Craig has a pistol in hand. We don’t speak of the Walther PPK used by the same actor in Quantum Of Solace, nor Skyfalls smartgun PPK/S that recognizes its owner’s hand.

Is this pistol the Walther P99 that comes back from Casino Royale? Or has 007 switched to the new PPQ M2?

Pictures leave no doubt: the pistol in James Bond’s hands is a Heckler & Koch VP9. Obviously it’s not possible to know if this gun has been supplied by the Secret Service or has been seized by the British agent during his mission.

As for the pistol, it’s a new model by the German firm, on sale in the U.S. from mid-2014 where it’s known as VP9; sales are beginning in the other countries with the acronym SFP9 (Striker Fired Pistol calibre 9mm).

Heckler & Koch VP9

A “betrayal” to Walther, but we should remember that in the past times Bond had used Heckler & Koch pistols: in John Gardner’s novels 007 used a VP70 (For Special Services) and a P7 (Icebreaker). Also, Daniel Craig himself shoots a Heckler & Koch sub-machine gun model MP5 UMP 9mm (with silencer) in two movies: Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

ferri[1]Paolo Tagini is the chief editor of Armi & Balistica, an Italian monthly gun magazine; he is also the author of a book about James Bond guns.

Photos: Daniel Craig armed on set in Austria (top), detail from publicity photo; Heckler & Koch VP9 from manufacturer website.

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5 Responses to “The spectre of betrayal? A first look at 007’s latest gun”

  • Susan

    Don’t forget, Bond’s original gun wasn’t the Walther. He originally used a Beretta. The Walther has just become more well known.

    I’d miss the Walther, but is this just a natural progression to a “better”/different/more modern gun?

  • Susan

    Bond didn’t always use a Walther though. In the first few books he uses a Beretta. The Walther has just become more well known and iconic.

    I’ll miss the Walther PPK, but is this just the natural progression to a more modern/”better” gun for Bond?

  • Pyrat

    If you watch the clip, Bond took this weapon away from. Guard, before firing it to screen left.

  • Doc Hanson

    I’m sorry to see that Bond never used a Walther P88. Those familiar with this weapon will confirm that it is one of the most accurate handguns ever made. I believe that it is out of production now; replaced by the less accurate P99.

    It’s not always about using the latest cutting-edge technology. Remember Ian Fleming’s Bond carried a model 418/6.35mm Beretta.

  • James McMahon

    Hi Doc. Actually, there’s nothing to support the assertion that Fleming had the M418 in mind. Fleming wasn’t very savvy about firearms and so didn’t have any particular model in mind. That’s borne out by the changes Fleming attributed to Bond’s Beretta. CAN they be done to a 418? Yes. Would anyone do them. Of course not. They’re preposterous on a tiny pistol like that. There simply is no real world Beretta that fits what Fleming described. And I’m OK with that.