The History of 007 [Infographic]

The History of 007

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2 Responses to “The History of 007 [Infographic]”

  • Elle Fagan - artist

    The infographic is very well done and good to see it in such “all in one” format. It would be perfect but they left out the girls – the Bond girls – goodgirls/badgirls.

    Otherwise is it marvelous.

  • Elle Fagan - artist

    On further examination , I found two more errors :

    1. in Diamonds are Forever – not the right Blofeld
    2. in For Your Eyes Only- that Blofeld was just in the pre-title sequence but the villain was Kristatos, working for Gogol .

    And I was looking for the mention of the new “M” and “Moneypenny”, since the new “Q” is there, but of course, he appeared throughout the film not just at the end, as do the new “M” and “Q”….

    Still, it’s a fine thing to see it all on one poster.

    May I post it at my Bond page? Or is if for sale as a poster, virtual or otherwise?

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