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How To Live The James Bond LifestyleWhen Paul Kyriazi’s “How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle” arrived in January I listened to the first three CDs on the day it arrived and then remainder the next, wanting to get an overview before listening to it all at a more leisurely pace.

In fact I’ve ended up listening to it repeatedly, picking up new nuggets of information each time. If I have a few minutes during the day I listen; I listen at the gym, particularly when on the bikes doing cardio; and it’s great for a long journey by car.

What might be surprising is to learn that I was pretty sceptical to start with. I’ve been aware of “How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle” for a number of years, and although something about it tempted me, I was never convinced enough to buy what was then a ninety minute audio book – being a Brit, it probably seemed a bit too much like Californian New Age hokum for my liking.

However, I started listening to the Being James Bond podcasts before Christmas, in which “How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle” was mentioned, and over the Christmas break I managed to listen to them all, including an interview with Paul in which he discusses the latest incarnation of his work, which comes on eight CDs – and listening to the interview reignited my interest in Paul’s work.

Anyway, let’s get down to what this product is all about.

“How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle” is a self-help course that uses James Bond as a frame of reference – in Paul’s words, it helps you become as cool as Bond.

In other words it helps guide you to lead the life you want by asking “what would James Bond do?”

It’s become a bit of a cliché that Bond is the man all men want to be and the man all women want to bed, but there is more than an element of truth in this. We don’t want to be shot at, tortured and go through all the bad stuff – and we don’t necessarily want the Bond girls either, especially if you’re as lucky as me and already found your Bond girl – but what we do want is Bond’s ability to be able to handle himself in any situation without feeling ruffled – as cool as Bond.

To get started is an introduction by David Hedison, who played Felix Leiter in Live And Let Die and Licence To Kill, followed by why Paul decided to use James Bond as his role model and then getting yourself organised to begin living the Bond lifestyle. These include a section titled “Bond Symbols For Change”, which consist of some simple steps to remind yourself throughout the day that you are now living the Bond lifestyle – buy a new watch says Paul, but I changed my watch strap, which seems to have the same effect.

The course then follows a series of lessons covering such things as dealing with cash – including your attitudes to cash – your appearance, Bond girls (naturally), your mission – i.e. how to get what you want out of life – and the rules of the James Bond lifestyle that will help you achieve this.

The lessons are read by Paul, and offer practical tips – some of it is very obvious, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re applying it to your life, so listen and apply – as well as some of the New Age-ey stuff, which isn’t so painful in context, as well as some gently humorous anecdotes from Paul’s personal experience, the world of film making, Frank Sinatra and, of course, James Bond.

It finishes with a 15 minute hypnosis session entitled “Clearing the subconscious”, and while I have no idea if this really works it is worth doing simply because it leaves you feeling completely relaxed – who needs stress?

All in all a solid product with high production values and a unique take on how to take the steps required to reach your own life goals.

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David Leigh founded The James Bond Dossier in 2002. A fan of 007 since the age of 8, he is also author of The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond. You can order a copy here if you don't own it already.

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4 Responses to “Review: How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle”

  • Paul Kyriazi

    Hello M, I really appreciate your interest and review of my James Bond Lifestlyle CD course. I’m on your mailing list now and looking forward to exploring your site and hearing from you. Paul Kyriazi

  • M

    The CDs are no longer available from Amazon, but they are available to download in MP3 format for just $25, or you can order the CD version of the course from Paul’s website – use the links above to purchase.

  • john

    Be careful. Lodingo does not allow download resuming and the bond lifestyle download seems to always disconnect at 56%.

    Lodingo’s customer service is very poor and they will blame the download problem on your internet service providor.

    Lodingo is quick to take your money but very slow to help their customers.

  • M

    Thanks for the warning John, sorry to hear you’ve had a problem with it. Have you resolved the issue yet?