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Quantum of Solace video gameThe Quantum of Solace video game will be released in the UK on October 31st and November 4th in the USA, but to get a taster of what the PC version will be like you can try the Quantum of Solace video game demo for free.

Download the Quantum of Solace video game demo for PC

The full version will feature scenes from both Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale, with the demo featuring a scene from Siena, but if you don’t want to know ANYTHING about the film before you see it, steer clear – the demo does contain some minor spoilers.

The game is a slick first person shooter, where you take the place of James Bond.

Available to pre-order below:

Amazon UK

PS 3|XBox 360|Wii|PS 2|PC|Nintendo DS

Amazon US

PS 3|XBox 360|Wii|PS 2|PC|Nintendo DS

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  • Andrew Sterling

    I remember the 1st Bond video game I ever played was Goldeneye64. I never beat the last level on Agent Under Fire. Got about half-way through Nightfire, beat the pants off Everything or Nothing. Couldn’t quite get to the end of Rogue Agent but just recently completed From Russia with Love. Looking forward to playing Quantum of Solace.

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