Quantum of Solace theme song – Another Way To Die

Following rumours in the tabloids of various artists involved in performing the Quantum of Solace theme song, it was finally been announced at the end of July that Jack White of The White Stripes, and Alicia Keys, had recorded the theme song. Previous contenders put forward by the press included Duran Duran, Annie Lennox, Duffy, and Amy Winehouse.

The song is entitled Another Way to Die and is the first duet to be used on a James Bond soundtrack. Its debut on UK radio was on BBC Radio 1 on Thursday September 18th – check it out below:

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50 Responses to “Quantum of Solace theme song – Another Way To Die”

  • Richard

    I think that Annie Lennox should work with David Arnold and Don Black on the new main title song, because she has a uniquie voice, and not only that, I do belive that the 1999 song ‘I Saved The World Today’ is somewhat of a James Bond song in it self, it was said that the Eurthymics were going to do a song way before the release of ‘The World Is Not Enough’ I think it is that. I also have to ad that it has been a long time since that killer tune ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ so maybe its time for another killer tune simlar to that, I am sure and very postive that composer David Arnold can do that.

  • yoel y.

    Probably everyone thinks this, but Alicia Keys working on the theme song would make it sound a bit soulful, so I fully support the decision. Good Ups.

  • aja007

    Not a bad effort but not a song in the Bond tradition…but its still better than “Die Another Day”!!!

  • calvin bowes

    not a song that will be long remembered personally i think this is one of the worst bond themes ever.still waiting for someone to out do goldfinger or you only live twice

  • thomas tucker

    Ugh. That is hideous.
    I understand wanting the “new” Bond to be tough, but that doesn’t mean the song should be a ghetto/hip-hop type song. It needs to be tough but still evoke a certain urbane sophistication. That is not it.

  • John Jeffrey

    is this perhaps the worst eveo bond theme???

  • Sonny

    Ok here’s what you do throw that cut in the rubbish bin where it belongs and start over. The will go down in history as the worse Bond song of all time! Honestly what were they thinking? This is Bond not hip hop land, needs to be strong, driven music a solid statement that makes you wanna go straight to buy the song right after you get out of the theater. What a disappointment!

  • Alexander

    Having listened to it 4 or 5 times through, I think is is an excellent, remodelling of a, Bond theme; much in the way that Craig is a remodelled Bond.

    Admittedly it’s not smooth; but our new Bond has some hard, rough edges and definitely a killer – like this song.

    Can’t wait for the movie now!

  • ApollyonMastema

    Damn, Shirley Bassey IS NOT DEAD!! Why don’t the producers hire her to sing her fourth bond theme song? Hire some hotshot producer(Kanye west, Sean Combs)to remix the song and call it a day? Personally, I strongly dislike this song. Now…maybe after 50 or 60 listens, I might find it tolerable… doubt it though. At least they still have two months to change it.

  • claudio53

    As one of the OLDEST (and most ancient) Italian Fan I can agree that this song is not the best (just to be polite)! On the other hand I understand ( but don’t agree) that production is trying to catch new and FRESH audience among teens or youugsters (different from old Bond fans like me)! I feel sorry for this though!
    Sure Dame Shirley would be great (last CD is very BONDISH itself)! But that’s another story

  • Lee

    The song, I think< is ok but terribly underproduced. It is too raw for a Bond theme but with some work should be OK, in the vein of the last Bond theme by Chris Cornell.

  • James Crowther

    in reply to John,emphatically yes,its impossiblt to listen to this abberation and not weep for what has gone before,even Madonna sounds listenable now,still cant accept TMWTGG ,esp as Alice Coopers submission was superb,,but even that was more “Bondian” than this dirge, AWTD proves that hype is no match for compositional accumen,can’t wait to hear the Ronson and Amy submission,better still keep the Welsh belter flag flying and get Duffy in to tear through a Goldfinger type composition next time.

  • Michael G. Meyer

    I have been in the music preforming/promotion business
    almost 30 years. I personally know several acts that can write,produce and perform songs 10 times better than this. I guess ( the powers that be) they are trying to be” Hip & Trendy” which is always a mistake and use someone with name recognition. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of Alicia Keys material (she a good artist) but this is the wrong song arrangement and wrong performer for a BOND MOVIE.

  • Azooo

    This IS the worst Bond song ever – if you can even call it a song. what are they thinking, i hope they realise the mistake they’ve made and change it before the movie is released.

  • Valentine

    Jack white is one of the best rock musicians around today. The theme sounds good from an instrumental point of view, but the singing isn’t polished enough or on point. Alicia Keys was completely unnecessary, it’s as if the producers wanted to get more than one big name for it. Jack White’s singing is too bluesy and Keys’ is too poppy. Chris Cornell’s offering for Casino Royale was spectacular and this is a let down.

  • Rick

    I don’t like it, it has no melody

  • Paul Kieley

    Thanks for the link,

    OMG, whose idea was it do have a song like this as a Bond Theme, i managed to listen to just over a minute , then it went off, its awlful, bad song , very bad idea, makes you wonder what was wrong with Annie Lennox or Duffy? really can’t see this making no 1 , and i thought the theme song to Octopussy was bad, whoever gave the go-ahead for this rubbish should be ashamed of themselves .

  • Templar Saint

    To be honest on a scale oh 1-10 I would rate the new song a 4.3…….I go back to Berth Kitt singing goldfinger and this does little for me. So It Goes.

  • Troy

    This abomination makes Die Another Day sound like a masterpiece. This is The Man with the Golden Gun (Barry’s only bad song) for the 21st century.

  • Mauricio017

    As once I said:
    Oh, my God, how I miss John Barry!
    Even worst than “The World Is Not Enough”!
    And, by the way, I totaly agree with ApllyonMastema. One good track with the still hot Miss Bassey will be so much better than this.
    A disapointment.

    Your Man in Brasil

  • Billb

    Well I’m with the person above who says to get Shirley Bassey to do the theme song. (talk about energy in a voice) Since that’s not likely I guess we’re stuck with this. After listening 5 times I tried to like it but I have a problem with the monotonous beat that reminds me more of a New Orleans funeral march. Maybe the producers will re-consider(?)

  • lee

    i totally agree with richard on the annie lennox idea, think the song is crap and more suited towards the coke ad, not a bond song, bond songs are an important part of the film and for a film that looks as good as quantum of solace looks this song is not up to the task……..PLEASE CHANGE IT.

  • Victor Grant 008

    I’ve often found that you have to actually watch movie to understand the music. Perhaps when we see Quantum of Solace we’ll find ourselves saying “Oh yea, yea now I see why they chose this particular style of music.” It kind of sets the tone, sets the mode, etc. I think, personally, my two favorite themes were “The World is Not Enough” and “Die Another Day”. The song will sound better when listening to it while we watch the silohettes of naked women during the opening credits lol.

  • Phil Tongue

    When I first heard this on Radio 1 I almost turned the radio off in horror. Played it a couple more times since its starting to grow on me. Not the best theme song by far, BUT after all its still Bond.

  • TomS

    no very ‘bond’, but it has its moments. i think coupled with the movie, it will work well.

  • Gaven Ackers

    being born in the 80’s i find goldeneye was the best song but casino royale was a gd song to but im nt liking this 1..sorry sthe nxt song better sumfin ov a classic because this generation needs a great bond song!!!!

  • Alex

    I totally agree with ApollyonMastema! I can’t believe Jack White and Alicia Keys have recorded the James Bond theme!! Its an Honour that many recording artists would love and would’ve done a lot better at it as well!!! We need a classic Bond Theme again, something that will be remembered as well as Shirley Bassey’s Goldfinger!!

  • Damse

    I actually quite like it. Im a big fan of the classic James Bond and even Casino Royale was a big blow for me. But ive come to accept ant even like it. I know that Quantum of Solance is new and different from the other bonds so this song is going along with the rough limitless bond that daniel craig portrays in the movie.

  • M

    Thanks for your comments everyone – what an overwhelmingly negative response. I’ve also had plenty of emails along the same lines.

    To me it sounds too much like a demo and is missing something. The worst thing is the lyrics – they say absolutely nothing. I also think the title is completely unimaginative – they should have called it Die Another Way :)

    But… when I went to bed last night I couldn’t get it out of my head, so it is catchy at least.


  • Philip

    When Harry Saltzman first heard Live And Let Die, he said good demo, can`t wait for the real thing. If he had heard that rubbish I think John Barry would be back like a shot, with him would be all the great composers who have made the theme songs great. Why can`t David Arnold be aloud to write the theme tune. Is`nt Surrender at the end of Tomorrow Never Dies better than the main theme tune. Come on Babs & Mike, you normally get things right but not this time.

  • david mcdonagh

    That was the worst song i have ever heard

  • Jeff

    That was TERRIBLE!!!

  • James Fellrath

    I have to admit, I am very surprised at all the negativity here.

    I think this is a cool song and fits into the Bond world very nicely! It’s stripped down and raw, but still feels like a Bond song with its attitude and musicality.

    And it especially fits after the inclusion of Chris Cornell’s song for Casino Royale – the producers have turned a corner with the series and the music is turning a corner too. It’s more raw, has more attitude, and you really FEEL the movie more than you did before. “Made you feel it, did he?”

    I really like it, can’t wait to see them add the opening credits sequence to it!

  • Floyd

    The backround music does sound like a Bond tune , but its delivery is not powerful enough, the guitar solo is too tinny and it needs more punch. The Casino royale tune had the depth of sound that this one lacks, but I can see the similarities and I can see the tune being catchy.

    The vocals and lyrics however are terrible, it will be intersting to see what Amy Winehouse delivers as she said she had a better song to rival this.

  • Roger Strutton

    First of all it’s my birthday today born in 1944.
    Let’s say Shirley Bassey teams up with Tom Jones, get a writer that can produce a catchy tune, then add John Barry,and what do we have, maybe a classic?
    Bond fans deserve better than a European Song Contest piece of rubbish.
    “Another Way To Die,” we can hear and see this hip hop stuff on the box every day.
    Even the advertised sunglasses are rather old fashioned.

  • Dawn

    I did not like it.Does not sound like a Bond theme song to me.

  • M

    Happy Birthday Roger, I agree it’s a long way from being a classic.


  • Olga Chervonenko

    This song is terrible. Do the people have no sense what is right and what is beautiful for a Bond movie?I adore Chris Cornell – music, singing, finally philosophy in the song.The Garbage, Tina Turner, Louis Armstrong, Aha, Duran Duran, Carly Simon, Shirley Basey – they were great, but this piece leaves much to be desired.I’d like to hope that they change something((

  • OhOhSeven

    Oh,Oh what a mistake.To say a little dissapointed would be a understatement..There is no flow and it all sounds disjointed in a strange rock, funk, jazz, rap sort or way. Lyrics seem to have been created on the back of a matchbox.
    I know that we have to move with the times and the days of belter Bassey are long gone…
    But please with all the talent to choose from Beyonce, Lennox, Leona Lewis and even Whinehouse(careful not to write Lennox Lewis just then.)
    In fact I havn’t heard garbage like this since…funny enough, garbage did the theme tune.
    All said when its put to images…who knows it may grow on us….
    This is only my oppinion and Im sure some Hommies out there will love it.
    But from me, to coin a phrase from Mt S.Cowell ” That’s probabley the worst I have ever heard.” *Scowl* “Next”

  • RAN

    Oh, I disagree with all the Naysayer’s this is a great theme song and it will be a big hit!

  • RAN

    This song would also work in the opening scene at the Filet De Soul in New Orleans in Live And Let Die!

  • James Bond

    OK, it’s not a fantastic Bond song, but you’ve gotta admit it’s not that horrid. Everybody hates it, but I just can’t stop listening to it ! Wait for the opening titles : it may very well fit into the movie ! Anyway, thanks for reading !

    J. BOND

  • Phil Edwards

    After “Dire ‘nother Day” I was impressed and somewhat relieved with the “Casino Royale” theme song, and avidly awaited the musical offering that would represent Quantum Of Solace. Then I heard Another Way To Die. Are they serious? It doesn’t really matter who sings it, Shirley Bassey could send Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Number 1, but when the composition, in terms of lyrics, melody and production is this unacceptable then sticking Jack and Alicia into the mix will not save it. There’s a time and place for this song, unfortunately the opening of a James Bond film aint it. Phil http://www.totallybond.com

  • Victor Grant 008

    However, perhaps we shouldn’t get too wrapped up with the music. The theme to Tomorrow Never Dies kind of took everybody by surprise as well. It was a new twist to a Bond theme, but it definately grew on us. Especially after we saw the movie and the women in the opening credits sequence :)

  • cyanidebreathmint

    i think it’s very different but thats a good thing, this song rocks!

  • Tim Mottershead

    Speaking both as a Bond fan and as a professional musician who has publicly performed all the Bond themes, I would say that to be absolutely fair this song is not a classic, but it

  • M

    Thanks for the comment, Tim. Maybe the problem with Bond themes is that they need to be seen in context, so that means waiting for Quantum of Solace to be released!


  • Tim youngman

    I have been a Bond fan since Goldfinger 1st came out. I’m sorry but THIS SONG (and I use the term reluctantly)doesn’t catch the James Bond Spirit. What a major disappointment. I predict this song will be the least remembered theme songs of all the Bond themes. I hope the movie is better!

  • MM

    I think this song is terrible and should not be allowed to be a theme tune as it has none of the characteristics of a proper James Bond song.

    Shame on David Arnold

  • M

    I don’t think David Arnold had anything to do with composing this song.