Quantum of Solace release date

The current release dates for Quantum of Solace are listed below. The world premiere will take place in London on 29th October, followed by general release on 31st October. The main English language territories are highlighted to help you find them fast.

North America
14-Nov-08 United States
14-Nov-08 Canada (English and French)

Latin America
07-Nov-08 Central America
06-Nov-08 Argentina
06-Nov-08 Bolivia
07-Nov-08 Brazil
06-Nov-08 Chile
07-Nov-08 Colombia
07-Nov-08 Ecuador
14-Nov-08 Mexico
18-Dec-08 Peru
26-Dec-08 Uruguay
05-Dec-08 Venezuela

07-Nov-08 Austria
05-Nov-08 Belgium
07-Nov-08 Bulgaria
06-Nov-08 Croatia
06-Nov-08 Czech Republic
07-Nov-08 Denmark
07-Nov-08 Estonia
07-Nov-08 Finland
31-Oct-08 France
06-Nov-08 Germany
06-Nov-08 Greece
13-Nov-08 Hungary
07-Nov-08 Iceland
07-Nov-08 Italy
07-Nov-08 Latvia
07-Nov-08 Lithuania
06-Nov-08 Montenegro
06-Nov-08 Netherlands
07-Nov-08 Norway
07-Nov-08 Poland
06-Nov-08 Portugal
06-Nov-08 Russia
07-Nov-08 Romania
06-Nov-08 Serbia
06-Nov-08 Slovenia
06-Nov-08 Slovakia
21-Nov-08 Spain
31-Oct-08 Sweden
05-Nov-08 Switzerland (French)
06-Nov-08 Switzerland (German)
07-Nov-08 Switzerland (Italian)
07-Nov-08 Turkey
06-Nov-08 Ukraine
31-Oct-08 United Kingdom

Middle East and Africa
05-Nov-08 Bahrain
05-Nov-08 Egypt
06-Nov-08 Israel
05-Nov-08 Jordan
07-Nov-08 Kenya
06-Nov-08 Kuwait
06-Nov-08 Lebanon
07-Nov-08 Nigeria
05-Nov-08 Oman
06-Nov-08 Qatar
21-Nov-08 South Africa
06-Nov-08 Syria
06-Nov-08 United Arab Emirates

Asia Pacific
19-Nov-08 Australia
06-Nov-08 Hong Kong
07-Nov-08 India
05-Nov-08 Indonesia
24-Jan-09 Japan
05-Nov-08 Korea
06-Nov-08 Malaysia
27-Nov-08 New Zealand
05-Nov-08 Philippines
05-Nov-08 Singapore
07-Nov-08 Taiwan
05-Nov-08 Thailand

Last updated 1st October 2008

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2 Responses to “Quantum of Solace release date”

  • calvin bowes

    why is it that the united states is one of the last countrys to get the new bond film. we in the united states are veary much responsible for making bomd a hit in the first place so why is our country disrespected and dont get to see the film on the veary first release date

  • M


    I don’t know why you consider the United States to be disrespected. These decisions are purely commercial, the studio wants to ensure they make as much money as possible from the release of Quantum of Solace and to do that they need as many people as possible to see it.

    The film was due to be released a week earlier in the US, but was postponed one week due to the delay of the next Harry Potter film, which had been due then. The delay of that film has created a vacuum in the release schedules, and so it makes more sense to release Quantum of Solace then.

    I hope that answers your question,