Quantum of Solace DVD & Blu-Ray

Quantum of Solace DVDDetails of the Quantum of Solace DVD and Blu-Ray release have now been confirmed, with the release date set for 23rd March 2009 in Europe and the following day in the US.

The disk will include a number of features including:

  • Another Way to Die Music Video
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Bond on Location: 24-minute special feature
  • Start of Shooting
  • On Location
  • Olga Kurylenko and the Boat Chase
  • Director Marc Forster
  • The Music
  • Crew Files

Although there will be no additional features on the Blu-Ray release, all features will be in high definition. The current release schedule is listed below:

Mar-18 Australia
Mar-23 UK
Mar-24 USA
Mar-25 Netherlands, Sweden, Spain
Mar-26 Italy
Mar-27 Germany, Mexico
May-13 France

Apr (first week) India
Jun-16 Japan
Jun-24 Brazil

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Quantum of Solace DVD
Quantum of Solace Blu-Ray

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Quantum of Solace DVD
Quantum of Solace Blu-Ray

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Quantum of Solace DVD (Single disc)
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Quantum of Solace Blu-Ray

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35 Responses to “Quantum of Solace DVD & Blu-Ray”

  • Paul Meyers

    Absolutely I will purchase Quantum of Solace on DVD on 23 March. Live in the present!

  • OOS

    As a fan, it is too bad and sad that this release lacks any further interesting extras. Offcourse it is the unethical marketing machine behind it all that influences this strategy. James Bond is, like any other ‘succesfull longtime running franchise’, too certain of its fans and why shouldn’t they release next year another 3-disc deluxe edition, which the same fanbase also will buy? We should all lack the buying of the second edition, but that is not done if you are a true fan because of the extra, more interesting, extras. Hopefully there are more fans that agree with my opinion???

  • Pete

    From “M”

    “When Casino Royale was first issued on DVD, it was a 2-disc release. Later, out came the “DeLuxe” 3-DVD set! This is, in anyone’s book, a classic case of dubious commercial market manipulation. Columbia Pictures/Sony knows full well that a good percentage of Bond fans who bought into the 2-DVD set will be strongly tempted to buy the 3-DVD set as well. My question: are webetter to shun the 2-DVD release of Quantum of Solace, on the almost implicit understanding that a “DeLuxe” 3-DVD set will follow in a few months’ time? What do you think about this? Will you buy Quantum of Solace now, wait for the the Deluxe Edition is released in a couple of years, or both?”

    As for 2 or 3 disc edition I don’t mind. I rarely by 3 disc edition as I only tend to watch the films anyway. I may give the extras a quick look but usually only the once. It would have to be packed full of really interesting extras to make me go out and buy it again. For me it it always has been about the film and only the film.

  • Michael

    The release of a deluxe version is nothing. I have both sets of videos and DVD’s for Bond and these films that were purchased are different to those on TV or Sky, they are different in the fact that they have less of the film than the version shown on TV. I have commented in this to the distributors and MGM and surprise no comment back

  • James Bernheimer

    Since Quantum of Solace, while good, was no where near as good as Casino Royale, I don’t feel compelled to rush out and get it on Day 1 like I did with Casino Royale. I remember when Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring came out. It was right before my birthday (in August) and my wife got it for me. Inside the package was an announcement about the collector’s edition coming out before Christmas. I wanted to scream!

  • Scott

    I will wait to compare the two. If the 3 DVD has features I would like, then I’ll get it. However, I agree with the original post. It’s a bit upsetting when you buy a DVD then a few months later the “Deluxe, Super, Uber” edition is released for more money.

  • M

    Thanks for the comments. Although tempted by some of the features on the re-release, I didn’t bother upgrading and I’ll do the same with Quantum of Solace.

    Particularly annoying is the fact that Marc Forster said that there is an alternate ending which would be available on DVD – unfortunately it won’t be on this initial release.

    @James Bernheimer – I completely understand. It was nowhere near as good as CR, so if you can wait for a better DVD release, then why not?

    @Scott – the problem is that you’ll have to wait 18 months for the 3 disc version to come out, by which time the original release will be in the bargain bucket. Hang on… maybe that’s not a bad idea :)

  • Jody

    I only have the 2-disc Casino Royale, so I’ll probably just go for the 2-disc Quantum. I used to really be excited about multi-disc “deluxe” sets, but the extras will probably be watched once and put away, so why spend extra money on an extra disc with probably nominal features on it. I guess these companies continue to make fans double-dip because they know we will. This time I won’t, though.


    well i have pre ordered the quantum of solace dvd,and its the first time i have pre ordered a dvd so i am quite looking forward to seeing it when it comes out! on my own lounge cinema screen not the popcorn crunching noisy cinema down the road. lets just hope the next bond film has not a bit but ALOT! more bond stuff in it,moneypenny …q…. more gadgets..as bluejacking phones aint anything new!

  • M


    You’re probably right about the extras only being watched once. When I got the 40-disc Utimate Edition attach case I watched all the extras and while they are really good, haven’t looked at them again.

    So how much do we really want or need the extras in the first place?

    It’s curious that in the USA there is a single disc version of Quantum of Solace as well as the 2-disc version, but not in the UK – I’m not sure about other territories.


  • Paul Kieley

    I do agree that they have all this material but choose to release it at different times, why they cannot do same as Columbia releasing Beyonce’s cd available in different versions on the same day, u2’s new cd just out you can buy the cd or a Digi-Pack with loads of extras, its up to people which they buy, but really from what i see on Amazon all they added to the Deluxe version was a book, anyone vexed about this have you thought about complaining to the distributor about it, or wait a year and see what happens, ie, pays your money and takes your choice .

  • M


    “anyone vexed about this have you thought about complaining to the distributor about it”

    Have you tried doing that?

    “or wait a year and see what happens, ie, pays your money and takes your choice”

    Well that’s the question – buy now, buy later or buy both.


  • Drew007

    I will be buying both.

    I did the same with CR so i will be doing the same with Quantum of Solace, i know that i will be paying twice for the same film, but it need’s to be part of my Bond collection.

  • M


    Thanks for the comment. Does it annoy you that you’ll be paying twice?


  • Frank

    I will be getting it as soon as it is released. If the 3 disk set is better i will trade in the 2 disk and purchase the 3 disk. Providing a 3 set is released.

  • Giedrius

    Very good point here. I’m willing to wait for a special edition because I won’t fool myself by paying twice and I’m not that anxious to have the movie right now. It will even be more interesting to watch it after a period of time. P.S. I’m a collector too, but I only add these special additions to the bunch. That’s my point of view.

  • M

    @Frank – good idea, although I guess you won’t get much for the trade in :)

    @Giedrius – I’d like to wait for the extra features but a) I don’t have the patience and b) I run a Bond website, so try and keep on top of new releases.


  • Carl

    OK, lets face it, I cant wait for the 3 disk set, i’ll buy Quantom the day it comes out. And did you see the box set for Casino 3 disk. Any serious bond collector couldnt pass that up. So im wasting money, I admit it. But its only 20 bucks so Im in!!!!

  • Jimbo

    Any 007 fan would have to go for the first release and worry about any “special” that may or maybe forthcoming some months later …..

  • Sam

    Of course – I already have it in Mandarin after all! The fellow who sold it to me (in Xi’An in November) swore it was in English but I knew I was taking a chance. The dubbing really is very good too. Wonder if I could exchange it for dish 007 – with rice – at the local Chinese?

  • Robert Davis

    Yeah, so they may produce a 3-disc collectors edition of QoS in two years time; there’s no way I’m waiting that long to buy the DVD so I’ll pony up and buy the 2-disc DVD this month.

    Do I mind that they will likely bring out another disc to make me spend my money? Not really – at $20-30 it’s not exactly breaking the bank and who could pass up on the sublime 3-disc DVD of Casino Royale? Pure class!

  • keegan

    ill just buy it when it comes out not wait for that fancy stuff whats the point

  • M

    @Carl, @Jimbo, @Robert Davis – but if they released the 3-disc version to start with you would have to buy 2 copies.

    The question is why doesn’t they release the version that the fanbase wants to start with, rather than releasing a version that will simply sell followed 18 months later a better version that a proportion of the same fanbase will buy again.


  • Tom

    I will definitely buy the first DVD release and the second as well. If you are a big fan of something you do sometimes uneconomical decisions but so is the life.

  • M

    @Tom – thanks for the feedback, I understand where you’re coming from.

    My real question is does it annoy you that you are forced to buy what is essentially the same product twice when they could issue the three-disc DVD to start with?


  • paul

    I think it is just a money (penny) scandal, knowing that true bond fans like myself will indulge in buying whatever comes available at the time, then the big wigs will later sit back and think about time we earned more money from this movie lets release the 3 disc ed now. It’s wrong but it’s business. My answer to the question though is unfortunatly yes i’ll buy both for my sins.

  • Smersh

    Having been a huge Bond fan for the past 35+ years I will probably go with the 2 disc and then trade in when the 3 disc set comes out. Also, unless they are out of stock, if you pre-order from the HMV website you will get a free copy of the Book Of Stills from QOS, so this will help bridge the gap and make the extra expense tollerable.

  • Amy

    I’ll probably end up getting them both like I did with Casino Royale . I definitely wouldn’t be able to wait another couple of years for the 3 disc.

  • Adam Beals

    The features listed for the 2-disc set sound fine. I can’t wait for the DVD as it is, so I’ll buy what is available. I love extras, but it’s not a big deal.

  • Alexis

    hey M ,
    well as for me i believe, that bond always likes everything to be at its best & the in the grand way. i believe that if i want anything i wud want only the best. just bcoz i am a bond fan, does not mean that i’ll fall for the tempting offer to buy the 2 dvd pack & be happy with it. infact i wud definitely wait & play for the best & not be just happy with the good.

  • M

    @Paul, Amy, Adam, Alexis – no way I can wait another 18 months, but then I probably won’t buy then 3-disc set either, even though the extras make it better – even if that difference is marginal.

    Thanks for the comments!


  • Dawn

    If you are a true James Bond Fan you would want to own both the 2 disc and 3 disc DVD’s.
    I will be buying the single disc and the 2 disc on DVD and the 2 disc Blue-ray versions on 24th of March. When and if a 3 disc version comes out I will buy that too.

  • M

    @Dawn – then according to you I’m not a true James Bond fan! I think that’s a little bit narrow minded personally.


  • NewDeep - Deepinder

    India too will see single-disc and well as two-disc DVD sets of QoS.

  • kieran

    i can’t be arsed to watched the extras but ibrought a 2 disk dvd of qos so i could get it for