Aston Martin V8 Volante at Barcelona Classic Car Show

The Aston Martin V8 Volante from The Living Daylights was one of the big draws to the Barcelona Classic Car Show last weekend. Surprisingly, the car has a Barcelona registration plate, but it is the same car I’ve seen before, with modifications to take the Q supplied outriders welded underneath.

The car was one of three Aston Martins on show at the event, which took place at the Poble Espanyol, the others being a V12 Vantage and the other a cabriolet.

Let me know what you think of the video in the comments below.

Update 14 June 2009

Thanks for all the comments, but it seems like I was mislead!

One reader emailed to say the Aston is the wrong colour, and he’s right – the screen seen Aston was a bronze colour, not silver like this. There are other differences too – this car is left hand drive and the original was right hand drive, the wheels are wrong…

In fact there is a photo of the correct car on the website – see the real Living Daylights Aston Martin.

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21 Responses to “Aston Martin V8 Volante at Barcelona Classic Car Show”

  • rules

    Very nice, I would like to have seen more!

  • EasyAndElegantLife

    Great job with the video. Sign me up for even a non-Bond cabriolet….

    “A number of optional extras…” That had me chuckling imagining my visit to the dealership.

  • Pat D'Alessio USA

    Excllent video. I recently went to UK. When I went to The airport for return flight there was a AM DBS Silver up for raffle. Got my pic next to it.

  • Ron

    Beautiful car! Would like to see more of the famous cars from Bond movies.

  • arun craig

    arun craig

  • arun craig

    thank you m for the tape that was good it was great to see the aston martin from the living day lights thanks agin ARUN CRAIG

  • Adam Beals

    Great little video. Those are nice looking cars – loved that convertible. Thanks for sharing.

  • Allan Hunchuk

    Lovely. Nice car. Thanks.

  • Kaleb

    that was a great video M. I wish I could afford an Aston Martin.

  • Jon Heitland

    Nice video, with very appropriate music. I enjoyed seeing the other Astons also.

  • praga

    It is realy a different feeling about this car when comparing to the latest highfi cars… It class & style will never get compared with others… Ofcourse the driving person too…

  • Karlien

    Haalo M,

    Nice vid, had some problems hearing you, though.

    Have a good one!

  • M

    Thanks for all the comments – yes, the video was a bit short, but since the cars weren’t moving it was difficult to find something interesting to shoot, but great to see them.


  • templar saint

    Nice video……have seen original Connery 007 car at car show several yrs ago. Still have a couple of pictures. Recently viewed The Saint’s P1800 after it was restored and brought to the states. Lets face Bond had the better car even over the Hirondel

  • Grover, Neeraj

    Hi M,

    Nice to hear from you. Saw the video, all I can say is the car has dignified looks coupled with usual Aston Mart cum JB class. The JB association with Aston Mart imparts it a different class and makes the car stand apart in its own league despite being inferior to some of the other super cars. Afterall when it comes to Bond, we don’t go only for the specs, we go for the class also.

    The classic Jb AM looks thrilling and reminds me of Ian Flemming and the celebrated character he created. Marvellous I must say.

    Neeraj Grover

  • Maria

    Very good video and nice to see the AM Volante – would love to give it a spin. Wish that the video had shown a little bit more of the car itself.

  • Marc

    Well Done.

  • Vampire

    Nice video!
    I loved the cars, just wish i had the money to own one.

  • Zlo

    Yes, we’ve love to see much more of the car itself. Is that really it is? I expected of it was black, but that doesn’t change my mind. Nice!

  • Luis Grandon

    Congratulation..nice video, Barcelona and the Aston Martin are very exuberant..thanks for sharing !!

    From Chile with love…


  • M

    Thanks for all the comments, but it seems like I was mislead! See the update above.