Diamonds Are Forever

Birthday of Leonard Barr from Diamonds Are Forever [1903]

September 27th, 2018 by

Leonard Barr, who played Shady Tree in Diamonds Are Forever, was born in West Virginia on 27th September 1903. Barr was Dean Martin’s uncle, and with his help attained a degree of success as a stand-up comedian and actor towards the end of his career.

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Birthday of Blofeld actor Charles Gray [1928]

August 29th, 2018 by

Charles Gray, who played Dikko Henderson in You Only Live Twice and Ernst Stavro Blofeld in Diamonds Are Forever, was born in Bournemouth on 29th August 1928. Photo: Charles Gray. Used under fair use provisions.

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Birthday of Sean Connery [1930]

August 25th, 2018 by

Sean Connery, who played James Bond in six films by Eon Productions as well as Kevin McClory’s Thunderball remake, Never Say Never Again, was born in Edinburgh on 25th August 1930. For many fans Connery has never been bettered in the role of 007, bringing to the role the right balance between toughness and wit. Photo: Sean Connery by Georges […]

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Birthday of Jill St John from Diamonds Are Forever [1940]

August 19th, 2018 by

Jill St John, who played Tiffany Case in Diamonds Are Forever, was born in Los Angeles on 19th August 1940.

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Birthday of Jimmy Dean from Diamonds Are Forever [1928]

August 10th, 2018 by

Jimmy Dean, who played Willard Whyte in Diamonds Are Forever, was born in Plainview, Texas, US on 10th August 1928. Photo: Jimmy Dean 1966 by William Morris Agency. Licensed under Public Domain.

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[Video] Amsterdam Filming Locations from Diamonds Are Forever

July 25th, 2018 by

In May I was in the Netherlands for a couple of days, with slightly more than a day in Amsterdam. While there we did as much sightseeing as possible, including a couple of locations from Diamonds Are Forever. The first location is known in English as the Skinny Bridge, from where Wint and Kidd watch […]

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Birthday of Joe Robinson from Diamonds Are Forever [1927]

May 31st, 2018 by

Joe Robinson, who played Peter Franks in Diamonds Are Forever was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 31st May 1927.

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Anniversary of death of Bruce Cabot from Diamonds Are Forever [1972]

May 3rd, 2018 by

Bruce Cabot, whose final film role was as Burt Saxby in Diamonds Are Forever (1971), died on 3rd May 1972 in California. He was 68.

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Birthday of Bruce Glover from Diamonds Are Forever [1932]

May 2nd, 2018 by

Bruce Glover, who played the assassin Mr Wint in Diamonds Are Forever, was born in Chicago, Illinois on 2nd May 1932. Photo: Diamonds Are Forever by Mieremet, Rob / Anefo – Nationaal Archief. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 nl.

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Anniversary of Guy Hamilton’s death [2016]

April 20th, 2018 by

Guy Hamilton, who directed Goldfinger (1964) and three more James Bond films, died at his home in Mallorca on 20th April 2016. He was 93. After setting the template for the film series with Goldfinger, Hamilton returned to the series for Diamonds Are Forever (1971), Live And Let Die (1973) and The Man With The Golden Gun (1974). Among his other […]

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