James Bond gifts: Drinks

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James Bond gifts: drinks


While James Bond is best known for his vodka martinis, there is far more to 007’s drinks that “shaken, not stirred”. In both the books and films he drinks Champagne, whisky and and plenty more beside.  The brands listed below are all found in Daniel Craig’s films and really just a start.

Blackwell Rum 007 limited edition

To celebrate the forthcoming release of No Time to Die, which was partly filmed in Jamaica, Blackwell Rum partnered with Eon Productions with a limited edition 007 rum.

The company us owned by Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records and current owner of Goldeneye, Ian Fleming’s Jamaican retreat. In an interview Blackwell revealed that Bond drinks his rum in the film, served simply on the rocks.
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The Macallan

Bond drinks The Macallan 10 Year Old Fine Oak, 12 Year Old Sherry Oak and Macallan 1962 in Skyfall. Then in SPECTRE he has a bottle of the same company’s 18 year old scotch whisky.
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Lillet Blanc

While the original Kina Lillet was an essential ingredient in the Vesper cocktail, it is no longer available. Instead you can use the reformulated Lillet Blanc and optionally add a dash or two of bitters for that authentic taste.
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Belvedere Vodka

007’s latest vodka is the premium Polish brand, Belvedere. Drink it chilled or, like Bond and Madeleine aboard the train in Morocco, in a dirty vodka martini.
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Bollinger RD 2002

Bollinger frequently appears in the Bond films, most recently in SPECTRE. According to Bollinger it is the RD 2002 that is seen. Bond pours two glasses of champagne after killing the two hitmen sent after Lucia Sciarra. And after being captured in Morocco, 007 declines a glass of champagne.
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Mount Gay Rum

Although James Bond isn’t often associated with rum, he does sometimes drink it in the films. In Casino Royale, at the One and Only Ocean Club in the Bahamas, Bond orders Mount Gay with soda water.
The Whiskey Exchange

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