James Bond gifts: Books & films

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007 Gifts: books & films

Books & video

As well as Ian Fleming’s 14 James Bond books there have been numerous continuation novels written by a variety of authors. They are also plenty of books about 007 and the James Bond phenomenon. And for Bond fans who don’t own all the films or need to upgrade then the boxed set is perfect.

The movies

No Time to Die is available on disc on 20th December 2021. Pre-order it for delivery just in time for Christmas.
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For anyone who doesn’t yet own all the James Bond movies or wants to upgrade their collection these box sets are ideal.
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You can also buy the Daniel Craig Bond films on 4K HD.
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The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond

I first wrote this book about the drinks from Ian Fleming’s books and the films in 2010. This edition is updated to include the drinks from Skyfall.
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An illustrated French edition is also now available direct from the publisher, from Amazon FR and all good French bookshops.
Dunod | Amazon FR

Licence to Cook

Licence to Cook

With 007’s drinks already covered, what about finding out about what he eats? Although the films don’t have much in the way of food, the books are full of mouthwatering descriptions of Bond’s meals.
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The James Bond books

It’s sometimes easy to forget that the origins of James Bond lie on the printed page. Starting in 1953 Ian Fleming wrote 12 novels and two collections of short stories featuring 007.
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No Time to Die: The Making of the Film

It took a long time to actually reach us, but if you want a deep dive behind the scenes and learn how the latest Bond film was made then this coffee table book is for you.
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James Bond’s DB5

Packed with high quality photos, this book is for anyone who has dreamed of sitting behind the wheel of an Aston Martin DB5. And, let’s face it, who hasn’t?
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The James Bond Film Guide

The essential guide to all 25 Bond Movies including No Time to Die features over 1,000 photographs, posters, and movie images. Within its pages you’ll discover facts on the stories, characters, vehicles, gadgets and locations of each film.
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Bond Cars: The Definitive History

Bond Cars: The Definitive History covers every car driven by 007 on film. Within the covers of this book you’ll find call sheets, technical drawings and story-boards, as well as previously unpublished photography and exclusive interviews.
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Some Kind of Hero

A must have for any fan of James Bond. This huge book covers the genesis of the James Bond films and goes into detail on the background to each movie from archived material and interviews by the authors, Mathew Field and Ajay Chowdhury, with the people involved.
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Cars book

A big part of the Bond movies has always been the cars. This new book dives in deep and provides details and photos of 50 vehicles from all the Eon Bond movies from Dr No to No Time to Die.
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