James Bond Christmas Gifts

Well it’s that time of year again and if you’re like me you have’t got a clue what to buy anyone. Here we take a look at James Bond Christmas gifts to suit all budgets.

Looking for inspiration for Christmas gifts for a Bond fan? This article is for you.

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Below we’ll take a look at at range of Bond-related gifts both big and small that are ideal for Bond fans.

Whether it is clothing, books, games, toys or something else entirely, I hope you’ll get enough good ideas to get your Christmas shopping done without fuss so you can get through the holiday period as stress free as possible.

So here we go.


MI6 Confidential

When you take advantage of MI6 Confidential’s 2019 season pre-order package offer you get one issue for free.

As a subscriber you’ll receive five magazines as they are released throughout the year and get advance notice of any special (signed) issues or offers.

You’ll also receive a limited edition postcard shipped with the first issue of the magazine and get priority shipping on future magazines as they are released.

Buy from: MI6 Confidential



Sunspel’s Riviera polo shirt was tailored for Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and instantly became a classic. Bond wears the navy shirt after returning to the Bahamas from Miami.

The shirt is crafted from a breathable cotton mesh fabric and has only the most essential of details for a clean, contemporary aesthetic.

30% off everything on Cyber Monday

Buy from: Sunspel | Amazon.com

N Peal

On the SPECTRE teaser poster, Daniel Craig is wearing a mock turtleneck sweater from N Peal in dark charcoal. During the film he wears exactly the same sweater in the finale but also wears  the same model in Lapis Blue earlier in the film.

Buy from: N Peal

Another sweater provided by N Peal that appears in SPECTRE is the grey cable roll neck sweaters made from 100% Mongolian Cashmere.

With the cold snap we’re currently going through, what better way than to keep warm over the winter?

Buy from: N Peal

Orlebar Brown

Daniel Craig wears 1950s inspired Setter swim shorts from Orlebar Brown in a brief scene from Skyfall, when Bond swims lengths of his hotel pool after arriving in China.

Although not available as seen on screen in sky blue, you can get them in “riviera”, which is a slightly darker shade.

Buy from: Orlebar Brown

Anthony Sinclair

Mason & Sons revived the Anthony Sinclair brand and brought back the distinctive “Conduit Cut” seen in Connery’s early films.

You can order the entire Bond look, or choose individual items such as the black knitted silk tie. Not only was a similar tie worn by the Scottish actor, but the literary 007 wore the same style too.

Buy from: Mason & Sons


Dents Gloves

At the end of Skyfall Daniel Craig wears black leather Bond gloves provided by Dents.

The same gloves are available from Dents website.

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Buy from: Dents | Amazon UK | Amazon.com

In SPECTRE Daniel Craig wears Dents Fleming unlined hairsheep leather driving gloves at the funeral in Rome.

Later he wears them while driving his Aston Martin DB10 at high speed through the Italian capital.

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Buy from: Dents | Amazon UKAmazon.com

Zippo lighter

Zippo launched a range of 007-themed lighters in 2017 that make a great pocket sized collectable.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com

Watch straps

While Bond’s Omega watch may be out of your price range, why not upgrade your existing watch with a new strap to give it a little 007-style?

You may have noticed the black and grey striped nylon strap on which James Bond wears his Q-Branch provided Omega watch throughout most of SPECTRE. While the Omega strap is expensive, you can get similar straps at a much more affordable price from Amazon.

Buy from: Omega | Amazon UK | Amazon.com

In Goldfinger 007 wears his Rolex Submariner on a three colour nylon strap. You can get similar straps from Amazon, again at a very affordable price.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com

007 fragrances

Since its launch back in 2012 to coincide with the release of Skyfall the range of 007 fragrances has continued to grow. Today there are a variety of options for both men and women.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com

Tom Ford Sunglasses

Tom Ford has been providing clothes and sunglasses for 007 since Quantum of Solace. Several models are still available from both Skyfall and SPECTRE.

Daniel Craig wore Marco FT0144 with silver frame and blue lenses in Skyfall. The correct colour code for the model seen on screen is 18V.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com

When Bond attends the funeral of Marco Sciarra in SPECTRE he is wearing Snowdon FT0237 in colour Havana 52N. Available in sizes 50 and 52, Daniel Craig wore the smaller size.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com

Later in Morocco, 007 wears another model from Tom Ford. This times it is the Henry FT0248 Vintage Wayfarer 52A in Havana frame and dark metal.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com


Bond in Motion

The largest official collection of original James Bond vehicles is located in London’s Covent Garden.

If you haven’t already been this is a must see.

More info: Bond in Motion

Aston Martin driving day

While owning an Aston Martin must remain a dream for most of us, you can at least drive one at an organised track day in the UK.

Buy from: Amazon UK

Rules Restaurant

In SPECTRE Moneypenny and Q meet M in Rules restaurant. Founded in 1798, Rules serves traditional British food and is the oldest restaurant in London.

More info: Rules

Dukes Bar

Ian Fleming is reputed to have frequented the bar of Dukes Hotel in London’s St James. The cocktails are amazing, including the classic vodka martini and, of course, the Vesper.

More info: Dukes

Books, video & stationary

James Bond official calendar

Want to plan your missions for 2019?

What better way to do it than with this official Bond in Motion calendar featuring vehicles from the film series.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com

The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond

I first wrote this book about the drinks from Ian Fleming’s books and the films in 2010. This edition is updated to include the drinks from Skyfall.

Buy from: Buy directAmazon UK | Amazon.com

An illustrated French edition is also now available direct from the publisher, from Amazon FR and all good French bookshops.

Buy from: Dunod | Amazon FR

Licence to Cook

Licence to Cook

With 007’s drinks already covered, what about finding out about what he eats? Although the films don’t have much in the way of food, the books are full of mouthwatering descriptions of Bond’s meals.

Buy from: Lulu | Amazon UK | Amazon.com

007 Vintage Classics

These recent hardback editions of three of the James Bond books feature brand new artwork, a forward by John Cork plus archive material including correspondence from Ian Fleming.

Buy from: Amazon UK

Forever and a Day

Anthony Horowitz’s second James Bond novel takes place prior to Casino Royale. In the book we learn more about what shaped a younger 007.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com

Moleskine 007 notebooks

Record anything important in your life in this range of hardcover notebooks embossed with the 007 logo from Moleskine.

The range is available in three different designs and measures 5″x8.25″.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com

The movies

For anyone who doesn’t yet own all the James Bond movies or wants to upgrade their collection these box sets are ideal.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com

Some Kind of Hero

A must have for any fan of James Bond. This huge book covers the genesis of the James Bond films and goes into detail on the background to each movie from archived material and interviews by the authors, Mathew Field and Ajay Chowdhury, with the people involved.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com

Toys & games


If you can’t afford the real thing then make do with one of the various James Bond Scalextric slot racing sets available.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com


Whether it’s your first Corgi Bond car or a replacement for a battered old DB5, Corgi’s detailed scale models are classics.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com


A selection of five classic Bond cars designed for that coloured plastic track. Includes Aston Martin DB5 and DBS and a Lotus Esprit.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com

Trivial Pursuit

Show off your knowledge about the 007 movies to family and friends with this special edition of the classic game.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com


The family favourite has had a 007 makeover.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com

Top Trumps

Remember playing top trumps as a kid?

Well this is a special edition featuring the Bond films.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com


The Macallan

Bond drinks The Macallan 10 Year Old Fine Oak, 12 Year Old Sherry Oak and Macallan 1962 in Skyfall. Then in SPECTRE he has a bottle of the same company’s 18 year old scotch whisky.

Buy from: Amazon UK

Lillet Blanc

While the original Kina Lillet was an essential ingredient in the Vesper cocktail, it is no longer available. Instead you can use the reformulated Lillet Blanc and optionally add a dash or two of bitters for that authentic taste.

Buy from: Amazon UK

Belvedere Vodka

007’s latest vodka is the premium Polish brand, Belvedere. Drink it chilled or, like Bond and Madeleine aboard the train in Morocco, in a dirty vodka martini.

Buy from: 31 Dover | Amazon UK

Bollinger RD 2002

Bollinger frequently appears in the Bond films, most recently in SPECTRE. According to Bollinger it is the RD 2002 that is seen. Bond pours two glasses of champagne after killing the two hitmen sent after Lucia Sciarra. And after being captured in Morocco, 007 declines a glass of champagne.

Buy from: Amazon UK

Even more gift ideas

007 gifts from Amazon

Still stuck for ideas. Try the follow links for even more ideas for gifts for all fans of 007!

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com

Amazon Prime

If you use Amazon frequently I really recommend Amazon Prime.

As well as free, fast delivery you also get films and series on Amazon Video, including the Bond movies. You can try Amazon Prime free for 30 days.

Buy from: Amazon UK | Amazon.com

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